Furniture Guide: King Bedding

King Size Mattress Set

Find a king size mattress set from Rooms To Go and start sleeping like royalty every night. Made from strong, durable materials that conform to your unique sleeping preferences, our king mattresses and sets offer individualized support and in a comfortable and affordable package.

The soft, quilted padding on each king size mattress in our sets provides the comfort level that is most attractive to you. Ranging from plush to firm, our mattress sets for king beds allow you to make a selection based on personal preference. From standard king size mattress and box-spring options to California king mattress sets, our selections fit your physical and budgetary needs while offering the durability and lasting strength that eliminates the need to ever flip it to find the good side again.

With the affordable prices and special deals available through Rooms To Go, you can select a king size mattress set and get it sent to your home immediately to begin your finest night's rest. Take advantage of the quality and variety of our selection to find the right mattress and box-spring for your king bed, and discover the lasting effects of better support.

Rooms To Go king size mattresses offer the latest in coil technology, foam support, and cooling fabrics. You get to choose from different core constructions to get the most restful sleep possible, from supportive innerspring king mattresses to plush, pressure-relieving foam. Our edge to edge technology maximizes your sleeping surface while special dry-wicking fabric gives your bed a cool feel for uninterrupted slumber. Combining innovative materials and classic, quality construction, a Rooms To Go king size mattress provides long-lasting support. With many options available, there is a perfect fit for every individual and budget.

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