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Leather upholstery remains as one of the top furniture coverings in today’s buying market. Once regarded as an upholstery option for only the wealthy, it has become an affordable option for consumers of any price range. This is due mainly to increased efforts and technology in tanning, as well as styling that can shape leather into a wide variety of colors, textures, and feels that appeal to a larger customer base.

Leather is also a global commodity in which the United States, is by far one of the largest contributers. In todays market hides are priced and sold by the square foot, based on the overall quality of the hide and the tanning process. Currently shoes and handbags use about 65% of the leather produced worldwide, automotive is roughly 20%, and furniture accounts for 10% usage with the remaining 5% going towards miscellaneous goods.

Leather & Furniture

As with all product categories, you can rest assured that we will always have better value and selection than that of our competition.

Like with most options at Rooms To Go, we strive for the absolute best value that we can offer to our customers, and leather is no exception. Our merchandising team travels the world constantly searching for stylish leather frames and quality leather hides.

Each group that we carry has been carefully selected by its quality, style, and value that it can bring to our stores. Merchandisers review several leather options and colors prior to making a selection on a frame.

Durability, quality, softness of hand (the feel of the leather) and cost are all taken into account before any final selections are made. The end result is that you can always have confidence in knowing that we have selected the best values the world has to offer.

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