Found in most dining rooms, arm chairs need to be comfortable, attractive, and well-built. At Rooms To Go, our selection may be used in casual, formal, rustic, traditional, or contemporary settings.

While arm chairs may be purchased separately, most of our chairs serve as part of larger dining room table sets.

If you're looking for a more formal or traditional aesthetic, we have plenty of high-quality brands including Cindy Crawford.

Our arm chairs feature several casual themes, either for a dining room, sun room, den, or other dining area. We also carry modern and contemporary designs in black or white for those looking for a more artistic dining room theme.

Some of the more popular finishes include cherry, dark wood, light wood, walnut, pine, and metal.

Showcasing equal parts classic design and modern aesthetics, our transitional arm chairs offer updated takes on traditional styles.

Many of our transitional pieces boast striking interlaced wood chair back designs, while others feature upholstered seatbacks for stylish comfort.

With distinctively refined frames, our formal and traditional dining room arm chairs offer the perfect amount of elegance. Gracefully curved legs, rich brown finishes, and muted plush upholstery enhance the stately qualities of our formal selections.

Our contemporary designs infuse any dining room with modern sophistication. Many of our contemporary options feature eye-catching chair back designs and tapered legs for a clean, chic look.