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    How to Use Window Sills

    From a practical perspective, a window sill provides structural support to hold your window in place. However, with the right accents and a little creativity, your living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom window sills can also serve as a small shelf that enhances the style and functionality of your interior design.

    Decorating a window sill is similar to dressing up a bedside table, fireplace mantle, TV stand or desk. Though you may want to cover the entire surface with things that showcase your unique personality, you need to choose these items wisely to avoid overcrowding the space and inhibiting its primary purpose. Use these helpful tips to accentuate window sills throughout your home.

    dining set next to a long windowsill

    Living Room Window Sill Ideas

    If you live in a studio apartment or have a small living room, window sills can provide essential space-saving storage. Arrange your sofa or seating near the window and use the ledge as a unique floating end table for your TV remotes and video game controllers.

    You can also use living room window sill decor to spruce up your layout. Place a scented candle, a unique sculpture or a small vase of flowers on the window sill to add a decorative flair to the space. If the surface is large enough, you might be able to use it as a small photo gallery or a bookshelf to show off a few of your favorite novels.

    sectional in living room with books on windowsill

    How to Decorate a Bay Window Sill

    Along with providing plenty of natural light, bay windows offer ample opportunities for incorporating creative and practical design elements. Roomy bay window sills can accommodate plush accent pillows, blankets and cushions, making them perfect for DIY reading nooks. Even if the ledge is small, you can place an accent bench or loveseat in front of the window for a similar look.

    Those who already have a designated area in their homes for reading, relaxing or enjoying catnaps can use their spacious indoor window sills for storage and display space. Line up your books to create a stylish library ledge. Or, take advantage of the natural light by sitting potted plants along the narrow surface. You can even create a decorative window sill garden using a collection of silk florals.

    three accent pillows

    How to Style a Window Sill in the Kitchen

    Small kitchen windows have massive style and storage potential. Create a diner-style setup in your eat-in kitchen by aligning your dining table with the window sill and using the ledge to hold condiments and a napkin dispenser. If you have the room, you could also place cafe themed decor on the window sill, then add a bench and a narrow table to establish a coffee bar or breakfast nook.

    Those who enjoy making home-cooked meals can use their kitchen window sill as a practical shelf for cooking tools. Consider lining your spacious window ledge with cookbooks, utensils and even a mini herb garden. Need more room for other kitchen equipment? Mount storage racks and floating shelves next to the window to improve organization and cut down on clutter.

    dining set with decpor on windowsill

    How to Decorate a Bedroom Window Sill

    Many of the same decor suggestions for the living room, kitchen and dining room can work just as well in your bedroom. Placing decorative accents like plants, candles, photos and other unique trinkets on your bedroom window ledge lets you create a small display spot for all your favorite things.

    Bedroom window sills can also serve as a convenient shelf for bedside essentials. If your bed sits close to the window, you can use the ledge as a nightstand and use the surface to keep your eyeglasses, phone and alarm clock within reach. Wider window sills may be able to accommodate a few paperbacks as well.

    books on windowsill next to bed

    How to Decorate a Bathroom Window Sill

    While bathrooms can sometimes be harder to decorate than the larger parts of your home, window sills help you add functional flair to these limited layouts. Tissue boxes, decorative hand towels and soap containers can all sit on the window sill and add neat vertical storage to your sink and vanity areas.

    Your bathroom window ledge may be the perfect spot for items that need to stay dry, including cosmetics and makeup brushes that may get wet if they sit too close to your sink or shower. For an extra touch of charm and character, you could also add a framed photo or an antique perfume bottle to the window sill.

    Built-in accents like window sills give you a unique opportunity to get creative with your interior design. Whether you're decorating a new home or looking to spruce up your current layout, you can use these tips on how to decorate a window sill to bring additional style and convenience to your space.

    bathroom vanity with plants on windowsill