Living Room Organization and Storage Tips

Organization Helps Make Your Living Room Worth Showing Off

Keeping your space organized and clutter-free is essential for maintaining a beautiful living room design. Luckily, there are plenty of functional furnishings and creative living room decorating ideas you can use to ensure the room stays neat and tidy. Check out these tips and tricks from Rooms to Go to discover unique living room storage options for your interior design.

Since the living room is usually the busiest, most high-traffic area of the home, it can quickly fill with clutter as your friends, family, children and pets hang out in the space. Outfitting your living room layout with practical storage options provides a designated place for all your living room essentials.

Choose Stylish Furniture With Storage Capabilities

For quick and easy storage, frame your sofa or arm chair with a pair of end tables. Side tables with drawers and cubbies are perfect for keeping TV remotes and video game controllers within reach while you’re relaxing on the couch. At the same time, these pieces can hold table lamps, photo frames and other decorative accents.

Vertical Storage Makes a Difference

If your living room is short on floor space, vertical storage like floating and hanging shelves is a great option. Mount a few shelves on your wall to hold books, houseplants, and other items. If you have kids or pets, keeping delicate glass vases and heirlooms high up and out of reach helps keep your living room safer.

Choose Clever Closet Organizers

Closets can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your living room tidy. Try closet organizers or other hanging pieces to make the most of your living room hutch or closet space. Keep your living room organized by tucking bulky spare furniture and your kids' larger toys into the closet or hutch until needed.

Storage Furniture Makes a Difference

Living room storage furniture offers a combination of practical storage and style. Sofas, benches and ottomans with built-in compartments serve as comfortable seats while providing throw pillow and living room blanket storage. Meanwhile, coffee tables and accent cabinets let you stow and display books, family photos and decorative vases and figurines that spruce up your space.

A window seat with storage can be a great addition to living rooms with large windows. Extra seating is always useful when company comes over, and the expansive storage compartments help to declutter your space. These low-profile pieces also take up less floor space than other storage pieces by sitting flush to the window and walls.

Don't Forget About Specialty Storage

Whether you're a film buff, music lover or gamer, you'll need proper living room organization for your extensive Blu-ray, vinyl or video game disc collection. Many TV stands have spacious shelves, drawers and cabinets to hold your media consoles. However, bookcases are another popular living room storage idea if you need a vertical storage option for a small space.


Adding toy storage to your living room makes for easy clean-up when it's time to tackle your daily housekeeping list or entertain guests. Designate a play area in your living room and furnish the space with toy chests, cubbies and other kids' storage items. Encourage your kids to put away their toys as soon as they finish playing so your living room layout stays nice and neat.