For outdoor dining furniture that's simple and functional, opt for a patio picnic table. Paired with chairs, benches, or both, outdoor picnic tables provide ample room for serving plates and place settings, which makes them ideal for big celebrations and family barbeques. To match a casual, rustic style on the deck or veranda, consider an outdoor picnic table made from teak or cedar. These pieces are weather-resistant as well as solid and durable. On the other hand, aluminum patio picnic tables are lighter and easier to move, so they're a snap to store in the offseason. In addition, outdoor picnic tables can offer comfortable seating. Buying a traditional patio picnic table with attached benches is an effortless way to style a relaxed dining area. For more personalization, select an outdoor picnic table and add a unique set of side chairs. Either option creates a cozy and memorable outdoor dining space.