Bedroom Ideas for Couples

3 Piece Pewter King Bedroom Set Paired with Matching Dresser & Nightstand

3 Piece Pewter King Bedroom Set Paired with Matching Dresser & Nightstand

The Couple that Designs Together

Partners often have distinct opinions about decor, so people moving in together or tackling a big redecorating project frequently find themselves trying to blend two very different looks. To create a space that represents both of you, consider these bedroom decor ideas to help couples achieve harmony in their interior design.

Pick Colors You Both Love

The first step in any project is choosing a color scheme. Discuss favorite hues with your significant other to narrow selections down to a starting point. This guarantees you are both on the same page when setting the foundation for bedroom design ideas.

White Queen Post Bed Set with Gray Accents

White Queen Post Bed Set with Gray Accents

Option 1: Stay Neutral

Soft whites and beiges are tried-and-true choices for walls. These neutral tones offer a simple, versatile backdrop for almost any bedroom design. They also make it much easier to strike a balance between several styles, regardless of how distinct they may be.

Option 2: Use Pops of Color

While neutrals work wonders for some, compromises may be necessary to keep everyone happy. You might want charcoal gray for the walls while your partner has their heart set on maroon. Luckily, there are tricks to accommodate any palette.

An easy way to meet in the middle with bedroom ideas for color is saving bolder tones for decorative items. Pillows, linens, light fixtures, and wall art are ideal opportunities to showcase your significant other's love of ruby red, navy blue or seafoam green. Used effectively, these targeted accents bring an exciting dynamic to your shared space.

King Wooden Panel Bedroom Set with Blue & White Decor

King Wooden Panel Bedroom Set with Blue & White Decor

Unify the Design

Where furnishings are concerned, consistency in style is usually key. However, developing bedroom decor ideas as a couple means appealing to each person's sensibilities. Selecting items with one another in mind is a smart approach to the bedroom design process.

An Eclectic Mix

Do you adore modern trends, but your partner prefers something more traditional? Bend the rules and include both for a varied look. Experimenting with contrasting styles often results in surprising outcomes. For example, an ornate iron chandelier takes on a funky, contemporary feel over a live-edge wood bed.

Couples Bedroom Decor

The key to nailing eclectic couples bedroom decor is searching for points of agreement between your two design styles. To illustrate, let's consider shape. Because they share the same organic lines, floral accent pillows and abstract art make an unexpected but attractive match. Geometric forms are a big part of both southwestern patterns and modern design, so try pairing a sleek panel bed with a Navajo rug or bedding with a tribal inspired pattern.

Ashton Avenue Blue Upholstered Bedroom Set with Neutral Colored Accents

Ashton Avenue Blue Upholstered Bedroom Set with Neutral Colored Accents

Meeting in the Middle

Another route to compromise is choosing pieces with elements you both enjoy. For example, a weathered, wooden trunk at the foot of the bed combines one partner's fondness for texture and the other's affinity for antiques. Or go with a headboard that features both contemporary leather upholstery for you and classic, refined tufting for your significant other.

It's All About Balance

The two of you each want to feel represented when walking into your sleeping space. Of course, style clashes often happen unless you make an effort to blend different bedroom decor ideas. If you find that something seems off in your room, the trick is to arrange pieces in a way that brings balance.

Open Space

Does the design appear cluttered? Let the room breathe by adjusting the layout or taking away some accent pieces to put more space between furniture and minimize accessories to give the eye places to rest. Also, remember that dark colors can make a room seem smaller than it really is. In compact spaces, keep black, charcoal gray, chocolate brown, and other deeper shades in a supporting role.


Struggling to get the proportions right? It's possible that, in combining furniture, you and your partner bring pieces on a different scale. Just as an oversized, plush recliner and a delicate side chair will appear mismatched. Likewise, a large king bed will dwarf a petite end-of-the-bed bench. Instead, pick pieces with similar dimensions for a look that's diverse but balanced.

Queen Patterned Upholstered Bedroom Set with Monochromatic Theme

Queen Patterned Upholstered Bedroom Set with Monochromatic Theme

The Best of Both Worlds

Decorating a room as partners ensures that a shared space reflects each of your creative personalities. Couples bedroom designs will include some compromise, but our most important relationships always involve growing and learning to value the way someone else thinks.

As you bring your bedroom design ideas to life, you may even find that collaborating creates the most vibrant and interesting designs.