A Private Retreat

Traditionally the largest and grandest sleeping space in the house, the master bedroom is more than just another room. It's where you greet each morning and cap off your night with some rest and relaxation. With a little extra consideration, your master bedroom design can reach its full potential as a sanctuary from the stresses of the day.

We've put together a few things to think about when planning your master bedroom design to create a retreat that's beautiful, personal, and useful. Here you'll find tips on furniture and layouts that look great and keep you organized.

Multipurpose Master Bedroom Ideas

Most bedroom decoration includes a few standard pieces: at least one dresser, a nightstand or two, and of course, a bed frame. However, when it comes to decorating, it's okay to think a little outside the box. Consider furniture that will streamline aspects of your daily life while also turning up the drama on your bedroom decor.

Bed Frames

A bed is the centerpiece of most master bedroom designs. Take some time, as well as a few measurements, to figure out what type of frame and headboard will work best for you.

The best investment is a piece that will provide a strong base for your mattress and play an important role in your master bedroom decor. The following are a few examples of multipurpose bedframes that will make a big visual impact and make your life easier:

Bookcase Headboards

Our first master bedroom idea incorporates a frame with a bookcase headboard. These handy pieces often have drawers, shelves, and open ports for cord management. In shared spaces, each person can claim their own side.

Eye-catching and unique, these headboards are also a practical choice. In addition to display space for your favorite novels and decorations, bookcase headboards let you skip the nightstands and preserve precious square footage in smaller apartments and studios.

Storage Beds

Especially practical if your master bedroom design lacks closet space, most storage beds include up to six deep drawers that are perfect for quilts and blankets or bulky, off-season sweaters and jackets. Choose a classic, commanding captain bed or a sleek and modern platform frame to get both storage space and stand-out style.

Adjustable Bed Frames

If you spend time working, reading, or watching TV from the comfort of your room, an adjustable mattress and base is a worthwhile purchase, particularly if you suffer from back pain. Those who share a bed with a partner may want to consider models with sides that adjust independently.

Clever Storage Options

A clutter-free room is inevitably a more inviting one when it comes time to relax. While a traditional dresser, with or without a mirror, is always an option for storing clothing, there are other master bedroom decoration ideas that might fit better with your habits and lifestyle.

  • Bureaus: Whether brand new or charming antiques, these versatile chests often include deep drawers, lined compartments for jewelry, and even extra shelves concealed by sliding doors. A bureau is also an excellent master bedroom design choice for couples to give everyone their own space.
  • Media Chests: If gaming or binge-watching shows from the comfort of your California king appeals to you, these pieces are perfect. With plenty of room for game consoles or a Blu-Ray player, media chests have spacious drawers for socks and t-shirts, too.
  • Armoires: If your work life requires professional attire, you need one of these handy pieces for your master bedroom decor. An armoire keeps scarves, wallets, clutches, belts, ties, and cufflinks neat and tidy. Since armoires are usually on the slim side, they also fit well in small spaces and nooks.
  • Storage Benches: Near the doorway or at the end of the bed, a bench is comfortable, luxurious, and practical. Some models have a shoe shelf while others include internal compartments. Upholstered benches have cushioned tops so you can sit and relax as you slip on your sneakers or kick off those killer heels.

Master Bedroom Design Layouts

To create a layout that's both beautiful and practical, think in terms of what you need to start and complete your day. Dividing your master bedroom decor into zones that serve different purposes can get you out the door or into bed a little quicker:

  • Groom & Go: Use specific furnishings to create a space that's all about getting ready to take on the day. Group an armoire, dresser, and vanity near the closet to keep make-up, styling tools, accessories, and clothes in one convenient area.
  • Getting Out: Want to save time in the morning? Put your laptop bag, gym duffle, umbrella, and a few pairs of shoes in a storage bench by the bedroom doorway. Add an over-the-door hanger for your coat or jacket. With everything in one place, along with a comfy seat, you'll be on the road in record time.
  • A Restful Nest: With a bookcase headboard or nightstand, you can keep your phone charger, remote, and a stack of novels all in one handy spot. If you've got a storage frame, reserve one drawer to tuck away coverlets or decorative pillows so making your bed in the morning is a snap.
  • Media Blitz: With an adjustable bed frame and media chest, you're ready for some serious gaming sessions and movie marathons. Choose a high-tech headboard with USB ports and outlets for chargers, or keep remotes close at hand with a stylish tray on the nightstand. Complete this master bedroom idea with a trendy bookcase to hold your film and game collection.

Stylish & Smart

While getting master bedroom decoration ideas from blogs and magazines is always a smart way to plan the look of your space, it's equally important to explore a number of furniture options and layouts that support your interests and lifestyle.

With just a few careful choices, you can easily create a gorgeous bedroom that allows you to streamline and de-stress your daily routine.