Choosing Teen Bedding

Once they reach a certain age, most teenagers want the world to see that they've moved on from toys to more mature interests. Gone are the days of cartoon prints and youthful decor. One simple way to convey this new sense of sophistication is with a teen bedding set.

Your teen's bedding should be comfortable as well as stylish. The goal here is to pick a pattern and fabric that everyone can agree on, so parents stay within their budget, and teenagers get the perfect bedding set to show off their personality and charm.

Deluxe Blue and Green Quilt Set

Deluxe Blue and Green Quilt Set

What's Their Style?

When shopping for bedding, consider your teen's interests and unique characteristics. Are they neat and organized? Do they enjoy hiking or dabbling in the arts? Check out the guidelines below for a little inspiration before looking for a new teen bedding set.


This versatile style is ideal for creative types who love using bold hues to express themselves. While a mix and match eclectic design is colorful and a little chaotic, it should still appear polished. Choose a patchwork quilt with one central color, like fiery orange or sky blue. To keep the look balanced, integrate that shade into the room's decor.


Traditional teen bedding focuses on tried-and-true elements that emphasize homey comforts. Solid colors, soft paisley motifs, and cozy layers are the embodiment of this look. Once you've styled your teen's bed with a classic duvet, place a woven coverlet on the foot of the bed to get the full effect.

Example of a Bohemian Style Bedding Set

Example of a Bohemian Style Bedding Set


Best known for vibrant hues, intricate prints, and fun textures, boho teen bedding sets are a great match for the free spirit in the family. One way to achieve this look is to layer fringed throws on top of a jewel-toned comforter. A few well-placed mandala-patterned throw pillows later, and you've got yourself a boho bedroom. Add a pouf and some lively wall art to finish the space.


For those who enjoy hiking and camping, rustic-inspired teen bedding sets bring the beauty of nature inside. Hand-stitched quilts with a woodland theme and layered blankets in shades of green, brown, and red evoke the essence of the outdoors. Richly hued plaids or checks also work well for this theme.

An Example of a Preppy Style Teen Bedding Set & Room Design

An Example of a Preppy Style Teen Bedding Set & Room Design


Clean cut and fashionable, preppy teen bedding sets blend solid tones with neat, uniform prints or bold borders. Chevron, plaid, and stripe patterns are popular choices. Make a statement with a unique houndstooth fabric, or personalize your teen's bedding with monogrammed pillowcases.

Contemporary Styled Teen Room with Matching Bedding Set

Contemporary Styled Teen Room with Matching Bedding Set


Sleek and modern, contemporary teen bedding embraces on-trend colors and patterns that always look chic. To give this look a try, keep the room furnishings streamlined and minimal. Pair a tufted navy comforter with abstract print accent pillows or mix bold geometric patterns in vibrant colors to bring color and dimension to your teen's room.

Focus on the Fabric

When choosing teen bedding, take note of the fabric used in each piece. For optimal rest and rejuvenation, select sheets and pillowcases made of silk. This delicate, natural textile is especially good for those with sensitive skin. A silk pillowcase may also reduce split ends for healthier hair.

Machine-washable, high thread count cotton is a popular bedding fabric that's budget-friendly and low maintenance. Teen sheets and comforters made with this lightweight, breathable textile keep cool on hot summer evenings.

Soft and durable, fleece and flannel blankets stay warm and cozy even on cold winter nights. Whether you pick up a small throw or a queen size bedspread, these cozy fabrics can comfortably complement any design approach, including rustic and preppy looks.

Daryl Gray 5 Pc Full Bed Set

Daryl Gray 5 Pc Full Bed Set

Sets vs. Separates

Selecting a matching set is a quick way to revamp the look of a room. Whether your new set is boho or traditional, each piece builds on a color palette or print to create a specific look. The number of items in a teen bedding set may vary based on the size of the bed.

A basic set typically includes a standard comforter, pillowcases, shams, and sheets. Larger and more expensive bedding sets come with additional pieces such as quilts, duvets, bed skirts, and a few small accent pillows.

While the idea of a bed set is appealing, buying bedroom necessities as separates give parents and teenagers the freedom to do whatever they please. Blend different designs to create a unique, personal aesthetic.

Wrap Up

When it comes to teen bedding, there are many options to choose from both online and in stores. It's important to recognize and include your teenager's sense of style before finding the right look for his or her bedding set.