Home Coffee Bar Design Ideas

For coffee lovers, a cup of joe is the best way to start the day. Whether you work the night shift or wake up before sunrise, a personal coffee bar in your home is ideal for convenient, delicious coffee whenever you want it.

With the right furniture and decor, you can transform part of your kitchen or dining room into a coffee station of your own.



Placement is Key

Making Room

Whether you live in a small city apartment or a suburban home, any amount of space will work for a DIY coffee bar. If you already have a kitchen countertop dedicated to a coffee maker and a few mugs, finish what you've started with a bar cart.

Models with cabinets and shelves store all your essentials, and bar carts with wheels are easy to move when you need to change things up.

With larger houses and condos, you have a bit more leeway with the location of your DIY coffee bar. If your thermos is one of the last items you and your partner grab when leaving the house, you might prefer a serving table for the foyer. Or, select a cart with bottle racks to store syrups for specialty drinks.

A Place for all the Fixings

Once you figure out where to set up your coffee station, think about all the tasty little extras you or your partner like to add to the cup. To make getting ready for the day easier, keep all your creamers and sweeteners handy to save time.

When planning and developing your coffee bar idea, make sure you'll have storage for everything in one place. For a simple, creative twist on storing mugs, consider adding a floating wall shelf to your display. Other useful options include:

  • Cups hanging on hooks fixed to a shelf or mounted rack
  • Baskets for tea and sugar packets next to the coffee stagion kettle
  • A dessert stand for muffins and other on-the-go treats
  • Extra lighting courtesy of a unique lamp
  • Mini-fridge for cold milk or half-and-half

Taste is Everything

Take your home’s current style into account and use similar decor, so your new coffee station doesn't disrupt the theme and flow of your interior design. Consider the following guidelines when choosing furniture for a DIY coffee bar.

Rustic Roots

With its focus on authenticity, this tried and true design has a beauty all its own. From a stunning weathered wood hutch with black metal trim to iron accented bar carts, rustic furniture coordinates easily with the components of a DIY coffee bar. Add a few accents to complete the look, like:

Traditional Blend

If your kitchen or dining room boasts traditional furniture, you're in luck. Classic cabinets with beveled glass doors have wide tops to accommodate cappuccino makers as well as a simple French press. Traditional servers with drawers allow additional storage, while bar cabinets with built-in lighting make grinding and measuring a breeze.



A Modern Take

For a contemporary DIY coffee bar solution, try a sleek accent cabinet with clean, modern lines and finger pulls rather than exposed hardware. Alternatively, you could select a chic cart with a pullout tray and hidden shelves. Neutral finishes, textured baskets, glass fronts and spacious drawers are the hallmarks of this polished approach.

Farmhouse Fresh

Natural wood finishes and charming details like sliding barn doors make farmhouse-style paneled hutches a lovely choice for a coffee station. These pieces also lend themselves to homey accents such as:

Final Thoughts

Enjoy fresh-brewed cappuccino or espresso any time, day or night, when you incorporate these coffee bar ideas in your home.

Become your own barista, skip the lines and get your java just right while saving money. Savor your drink, your time and your style with a home coffee bar that blends it all together.