Decorating Your Home for Winter

As cold weather arrives, you'll likely spend much of your time indoors. Holiday visits from family make it more important than ever to ensure your decor is stylish, seasonal, and impactful. Luckily, winter colors, prints, and textures give you numerous opportunities for designs that pop.

Winter Color Palettes

There are many variations on winter color schemes. In general, many winter decorating themes feature cool hues such as deep plum and icy blue. Still, there's plenty of room for creativity and variety. Accenting with warmer colors, like reds and golds, can help your designs feel inviting and balanced.

Our winter color palette ideas offer options to keep things classic or make winter decorations fun and funky this year.

Ice and Snow

Whites, blues, and grays reflect a December landscape and are one of the most common takes on a winter color palette. These neutral hues are easy to mix with other shades and look great year-round.

To decorate seasonally on a budget, try using neutrals for large furniture pieces and wall colors while experimenting with daring tones in your accents. Deep navy or icy blue pillows complement a soft gray couch for winter. To transition into spring, simply swap them out for some petal-pink or sea blue cushions instead.

Winter Bling

Something about silver and gold just says winter. While these metallic hues make excellent accents for a touch of luxury, they can also become central to your winter decorations. A silver-gray rug or golden yellow chair is an elegant addition to your decor at any time of year.

There are a few traditional guidelines for decorating with metallics. For a classic look, stick to either silvery gray metals or golden, brassy tones in the same space. However, modern designers often mix and match a variety of metals for an eclectic feel.

White Fabric Sectional Seating Set Accented with Ice Blue Decor

White Fabric Sectional Seating Set Accented with Ice Blue Decor

Blue Jewel Toned Table Set & Decor Accented by a Plum Colored Seating Set

Blue Jewel Toned Table Set & Decor Accented by a Plum Colored Seating Set

It's Easy Being Green

Frequently overshadowed by flashier hues during the holidays, green is an easily overlooked winter color. Good as a foundation, lighter shades of green, like mint, are crisp and refreshing. Forest green evokes a rustic mood that goes well with white, bringing to mind snow-covered trees. These tones are beautifully elevated with gold and bronze accents. For a just touch of green, try wreaths or vases filled with seasonal foliage.

Redder is Better

Red is a fun, warm hue that pairs with many items of holiday decor, so it's an economical, multi-purpose option for your winter decorations. Flowers such as poinsettias or winter berries offer a natural way to bring red into a winter color palette.

To put a twist on the typical scarlet red for winter decorations, consider less common shades. Wine tones, such as cabernet or burgundy, can blend with autumn colors as the seasons turn and carry you through the holidays with style.

Beyond Classic Red and Green

When pairing red and green in a traditional holiday color scheme, you have more options than you might think. Instead of picking a high-contrast Kelly green and cherry red, try playing with shades, tones, and tints for a custom look.

For example, go light with sage green or give a basic palette some personal flair with a bluish emerald hue. Jewel tones, deeper reds or pale pinks can put a unique and sophisticated twist on holiday decorating. Mixing these different winter colors is all part of the fun.

Winter Patterns and Textures

Snowflakes and pine trees often dominate winter patterns and inform the season's color schemes. Prints familiar from your favorite cold-weather clothing are also seasonal staples. Plaid flannel, fluffy fleece, quilt-style patchwork patterns, and cable-knit fabrics are popular for everything from bedspreads to ottomans.

When it’s chilly outside, stay toasty and warm inside with cozy winter decorations. Plush, knitted, or furry throws and pillows are a great way to create decor that feels season-appropriate. Draping a snow-white blanket over a sofa adds visual appeal as well as something to snuggle underneath.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, when you're decorating a living room, bedroom, or dining room for winter, what reminds you of the season is most important. Draw from nature for pinecone centerpieces and rustic color schemes, or make the holidays shine with sparkling crystal and glittery gold. Whatever you choose, a few pieces in winter patterns, hues, and textures can make a big statement.