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Sitting Down with Julianne Hough

July 16, 2020

"You're actually giving people the opportunity to create the life people want."

Julianne Hough talks with Rooms To Go about how she uses furniture and design to evoke a sense of freedom and express her most intimate self.

Julianne in kitchen Delmon Dining Table

When we sat down with Julianne we had the opportunity to talk about how designing your home helps to define your identity and lifestyle and how, ultimately, that can allow you to create a better life.

Julianne laying on Laney Park Grey couch "I think about when people say, I'm the dancer or I'm about fashion, and those are definitely expressions of who I am, but the most intimate expression of me is my home because that's my safe place."

RTG: Something really believe in and have always done for our customers is to try and create a buying process that is easy, relaxed and stress-free. That's where the room package really stemmed from. Does that appeal to you?

Julianne: Well it's a foundation, it's a starting point. I always say this, anytime I am creating a tour it can be something that's overwhelming. It's like an empty canvas and sometimes when anything is possible it can make things harder to tackle. I need some guidelines, otherwise I might be everywhere. I have so many different personalities, so as long as I have a cue or a few ideas to start, a few key pieces that set the tone or the mood of the room, that's where I can bring life into it.

Julianne on red Bellingham couch

RTG: That's really it, a room package can really give a foundation to build on and filling in the rest of the room with details is where your unique personality can shine.

Julianne: Right, where do you see that more than in your most intimate place? Home is where I'm expressed in all parts of me and there's a deeper layer that comes out there that's even more real and connected than other areas of my life. The feeling that I have is, this is my home and my creation. There's so much pride that goes into that and it's really like this declaration of who I am and that I did this. You're actually evoking confidence and helping people shape their life. It's giving people the opportunity to create the life they want.

RTG: How have you created your home to reflect how you feel?

Julianne: I am such an environment person that I think being in a space can either make or break, whether it's your creativity, your spirit, whether it makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, it could make you feel closed off and guarded or it makes you feel completely open and energetic. Our environment activates our senses and creates an emotional connection. My space makes me feel inspired, creative, calm and peaceful.

RTG: You're right about having an emotional connection to your environment and at home you really get to control that.

Julianne: Yeah, and you can even decorate your home to have different moods. Like I can be sitting on the sofa reading and then my whole energy changes when I go into the kitchen and I'm grooving or just dancing when I'm walking around. I can be creative and spontaneous in the different rooms in my house.

Julianne dancing on Belhaven couch Julianne leaning on Palm Grove dresser

RTG: Having that foundation is great to get ideas started for different rooms in your house and you can also choose pieces separately too.

Julianne: That's a great way to change things up. When I redid my house, I didn't change the whole thing, I just swapped pieces out. It completely changed the energy of the whole house. It's amazing, it felt like it gave it so much space.

RTG: Have you also found that your outdoor spaces affect your energy and mood?

Julianne: Oh my gosh, yes! My outdoor spaces have completely changed my life. Even though we are working from home and getting more done because we have less travel times, I somehow feel more overwhelmed just sitting at the same desk the whole day. It's so important to set your place where you do your work and then go shake it out, step outside and take a break.

Julianne sitting in Catalina Egg Chair Julianne in bedroom Alison Gray Queen Bed "Our environment activates our senses and creates an emotional connection. My space makes me feel inspired, creative, calm and peaceful."

RTG: What would you say to people who are starting to design their home for the first time or taking a step into redesigning their spaces?

Julianne: That it's a huge opportunity for people to step into their power of this is who I am, what I stand for, what I want to create. Step into that and take charge of what you want and what you like. People don't have to be afraid of change, there's joy in the transformation.

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