Guest Bedroom Ideas

Marlow Natural Queen Panel Bedroom

Marlow Natural Queen Panel Bedroom Set with Blue & Green Decor

Designing a guest room is a special challenge. You'll want to choose items that are welcoming for company and still match the style of your home decor. Need a little help? We've put together our favorite guest bedroom ideas for inspiration and added a few tried-and-true tips to make things easier.

Picking the Right Guest Room Decor

As is the case with most home decorating, your personal style is important when it comes to designing a bedroom. Typically, though, you'll want to approach the changes in one of two ways.

Option One: Simple is Best

This type of spare room design invites visitors to make themselves at home. The trick is finding the balance between simplicity and style.

Guest room decor in a monochromatic color palette is a smart choice. Even if you use a bold tone, like red, relying on a single base shade lets you work within the full spectrum from light pinks to deep scarlets. Working within one color gradient also makes matching throw pillows and other accents a breeze.

If your solo hue seems a bit monotonous, pick up a quilt or bedsheets with a classic pattern like stripes or polka dots. Arrange a few small decor pieces on the walls or hang a large coordinating print or painting to bring in a personal touch.

Blue and Yellow Guest Bedroom Design

Gray Queen Panel Bedroom Set Highlighted by Blue & Yellow Accents

Option Two: Mixed Media

A different way to furnish an inviting spare room is to play around with multiple styles. Layering colors and textures or bringing in transitional decor are two guest room ideas to help you achieve this look.

For example, using a classic combo like blue and yellow with modern furniture is a visual knockout. Adding a traditional vanity with a contemporary, sheepskin-look bench is also a winner. Mixing and matching styles, hues, and fabrics ensures that there's something in the room that appeals to everyone.

Alona Pink Ottoman Adding Contrast to a Monochromatic & Patterned Theme

Alona Pink Ottoman Adding Contrast to a Monochromatic & Patterned Theme

Comfort is Key

Above all, you want your guests to feel comfortable. One great technique is to splurge in the pillow department. In addition to having quality pillows for sleeping, you can layer all kinds of decorative pieces on the bed or bring in spare cushions for a rocker or accent chair.

The best thing about pillows is their versatility. Switching out the ones on display based on the personality of the person staying with you is an easy way to go the extra mile as a host.

Another smart guest room idea is a storage bench that fits at the end of the bed. These pieces easily fit stacks of blankets and towels, so visitors can grab what they need. Keeping a small cache of toiletries, like travel-size lotions, shampoos, and toothpaste, inside a dresser or a nightstand is a thoughtful way to make your friends and loved ones feel at home.

Perla Silver Desk

Perla Silver Desk Accented with Gold Accented Decor

Getting the Most Out of a Space

The final and most important spare bedroom idea centers on keeping this space relevant even when visitors are away. Is there a window seat in the room? With a custom-fit cushion, accent pillows, and a lovely knitted throw, you have yourself a chic and cozy reading nook.

Want something a little less casual? Add a stylish writing desk to the guest room and use it as a workspace. Placing a mirror above the desk allows it to double as a vanity when guests are visiting.

If you're crafty, set up a recliner with a basket of yarn for knitting. Perhaps a small table and chair with art supplies is more your speed. Whatever creative endeavors you enjoy, putting a workstation in this space also gives visitors the opportunity to dabble in their downtime. With the right guest bedroom ideas and decor, everyone wins.