Tween Girl Bedroom Ideas

White Loft Bedroom Set with Built-in Desk and Chest of Drawers

White Loft Bedroom Set with Built-in Desk and Chest of Drawers

The tween years represent a unique transition between a young girl's childhood interests and her teenage identity. As such, it's often around this time that girls start asking for a bedroom makeover. Decorating a tween girl's bedroom can be a great way for your growing child to express herself and create a place that's all her own.

To design a space that makes both of you happy, check out our handy tips and ideas for tween girl rooms.

Different Spaces for Different Uses

As tween girls explore new interests and hobbies, it may be helpful to organize their rooms to reflect their primary needs. Just like you might divide a young child's room into separate zones for play and bed, creating distinct areas in a tween girl's room for sleep, study, and social time can help her balance all the facets of her life.

A Place to Sleep

While tween girls are typically more interested in almost anything than sleep, a good night's rest continues to be crucial during these important growing years. A bed is the centerpiece that sets the tone of a bedroom, so consider shopping for a tween girl's bed together.

Depending on how much room your tween wants, either a twin or full size can work from a comfort standpoint. When it comes to color, staying neutral is smart. A full bed with a timeless hue can last into her teen years through endless redecoration.

For the design, try letting her pick what appeals to her. Styles like sleigh, poster, and canopy tween girls' beds are classic options that can easily transition as she grows, pairing equally well with a younger girl's princess obsession or an older fashionista's sophisticated tastes. Pieces with clean lines and simple shapes, such as panel or platform beds, fit almost any style from rustic to ultra-modern.

A Study Space

Homework starts to become a bigger part of a student's life during late elementary and early middle school. To give a budding scholar every advantage and make studying a little easier, consider adding a desk to tween girls' bedroom decor. Tuck a desk in a cozy corner to keep her focused on work, or choose a loft bed and desk set to make the most of a small room.

Black Daybed Set Featuring Splashes of Purple & Pink Decor

Black Daybed Set Featuring Splashes of Purple & Pink Decor

A Hangout Spot

A thriving social life is increasingly important to many girls during the tween years, so your child may want a specific place to spend time with friends. Creating a hangout area in a tween girl's room is an easy change to meet this need.

Ideas for a tween girls' room social space can be as simple as a small seating arrangement. To get the right assortment of furniture, consider her interests.

Try a mini sofa and vanity set to give a tween and her friends a place to paint their nails or try out new makeup and hair looks. Musical kids might like some portable folding chairs and a table for jam sessions with friends. For gamer girls and movie fans, a media station with plenty of chairs to play co-op or fluffy beanbags for movie nights are perfect.

If space is an issue, a daybed transitions to a sofa during social hours and offers the option of a trundle for overnights while a bunk with a lower futon makes the most of vertical space.

White Daybed Set Accented by Purple and Red Decor

White Daybed Set Accented by Purple and Red Decor

Experiment with Trends

At this age, girls sometimes seem to go through a new phase from one minute to the next. As a result, choosing tween girl bedroom decor can be tough for budget-conscious parents. To support your child as she tries on different personas and styles with a small financial investment, focus on decorating with on-trend accents.

Accessories like lamps, rugs, wall decor, decals, and tween girls' bedding are wonderful places to concentrate her experimentation with new fads. These pieces are less expensive to replace than larger items like dressers and beds, so tween girl bedroom decor lets her feel free to reinvent herself and her room in an affordable way.

Wooden Sleigh Bed Set with Bursts of Pink Accents and Patterns

Wooden Sleigh Bed Set with Bursts of Pink Accents and Patterns

Stay Organized

Tidying up a tween girl's room all at once can be a nightmare. To build organization into her daily routine, try adding some stylish options to keep her things neat. Many tweens are savvy to popular design trends, so some of the same pretty organizers that interest you may be helpful for her, too. Popular storage ideas for tween girl rooms include:

  • Dresser, chest, or nightstand with generous drawers.
  • Cubbies, storage cubes, and baskets for toys, games, and accessories.
  • Shoe racks to show off her favorite kicks.
  • Over-the-door organizers for scarves, jackets, and hats.
  • Glam makeup organizers to keep tabletops tidy.
  • Under-the-bed storage bins or trundles for seasonal clothes.
  • Bookcase headboard beds for novels and collectibles. Wall shelves to display trophies, momentos, and media.

Full Size White Panel Bedroom Set Highlighted by Blue & Pink Decor

Full Size White Panel Bedroom Set Highlighted by Blue & Pink Decor

Blend Old and New

While tween girls may be edging towards their teenage years, there are still parts of their childhood that they cherish. Tween girls' rooms that combine treasured toys or a favorite bedspread with new accessories and furniture help them to ease into the changes of the coming years.

To know when it's time to let go of childhood favorites, paying attention to which pieces she still uses will go a long way. Older items can also take on new purpose. Pages from a beloved picture book may become wall decor to let her know that, despite all the changes in her life, home is still home.

Design through Her Eyes

Decorating a tween girl's bedroom is better together and is a great way to stay connected with your growing girl. Talking about what she likes and trying to see the space from her point of view brings up new interests that your room design can foster. More than just a creating new look, a room makeover can help the two of you understand each other a little better.