Decor (& Furniture) for Empty Wall Space

Though wall decor may be your last consideration when decorating, it's a crucial part of any interior design. From family photos to paintings that fit your color scheme, these pieces help you customize the space and make your house, condo or apartment feel more like a home.

solamere drive black sconce
Colorful artwork is one of many decor options for empty walls.

Decor Ideas for Blank Walls

Whether you're looking for a little inspiration for a lackluster living room or you want to jazz up your blank kitchen wall, these ideas can help you upgrade your design. Read on for some tips and tricks to get the most out of your empty wall space.

Take Notes

Start by grabbing a notebook and evaluating your room. Take plenty of wall measurements, including the narrow spaces between windows and doorframes. Make a rough sketch to help visualize how your wall will look, then ask yourself a few questions about what you want from your design:

  • Are there wall fixtures that would improve the functionality of the room?
  • Do I need more shelves or storage?
  • Can I create a theme with shapes or patterns?
  • Which colors do I want to use or highlight?
  • Are the furnishings mostly fabric, wood or metal?
  • What unique wall decor is popular with this room's style?
  • Where should I display my collectibles, souvenirs or photographs?
  • How can wall decor make my room feel larger?

Addressing these questions can help you develop a solid plan and vision for how you want your space to look.

Form Follows Function

The first step toward bringing your empty wall ideas to life is to choose decor that has a practical purpose. Look for pieces that cover blank walls while also increasing the usefulness of the space. Try wall sconces to brighten up a room with little natural light, or set up console tables and shelving to store and display keepsakes.

Wall sconces are an attractive and space-saving lighting option:
solamere drive black sconce
Solamere Drive Sconce

Empty Living Room Wall Ideas

When choosing decor for your living room's blank walls, there are several items to improve efficiency.

Hall Trees
Coat racks, key hooks or hall trees fill empty areas while keeping jackets, purses and other essentials organized.

Wall Units
Likewise, spacious TV wall units can transform otherwise unused space, providing a spot for your flat screen and storage for electronics.

Gain ample storage for your media collection with a large wall unit.

Collectors can use empty walls to display their treasured mementos. Curios or high-mounted shelving can showcase your beloved art pieces or souvenirs by making use of the vertical space in your den. Alternatively, try lining a blank living room wall with bookshelves for all of your favorite novels.


Use bookcases to display home decor, photographs or your personal library.

Wall Decor
You can also take advantage of an empty living room wall to help the space feel more open. Make a small room seem bigger by angling decorative mirrors to reflect the opposite wall or the light from an adjacent window. Likewise, hanging a single large-scale art print on a light-colored wall creates a focal point that makes the room appear more spacious.

Stylish and functional mirrors can transform empty walls.

Blank Bedroom Wall Ideas

Traditional furnishings such as dressers and full-length mirrors are great for covering empty walls in bedrooms. Choose tall cabinets and bureaus for bedding and seasonal clothing, or set an ornamental ladder against the wall to serve as a frame for extra blankets or as an en suite towel rack.

Select a cabinet with plenty of shelves and cubbies to hold all of your necessities.

More blank bedroom wall ideas include floating shelves that provide display and storage space while freeing up room on your nightstand. Beds are another consideration when you have empty walls in your bedroom. Look for large headboards with towering silhouettes, or try a canopy or poster bed for an air of elegance.

The right headboard can serve as wall decor as well as a functional addition to your bed.

Plain Kitchen and Dining Room Wall Ideas

Practical empty kitchen wall ideas can include chalkboards and corkboards for posting shopping lists, dinner menus and family notes, as well as large wall clocks for keeping track of cooking times. For storage, try a baker's rack for small appliances, pantry items or cookware. You could also place a pub table set on an empty wall in the kitchen for extra seating and an area to work.

Use a counter-height table for quick meals and spare workspace.

Space is often at a premium in the dining room, making it all the more important to get the most out of unused walls. Consider wide buffets ot servers with plenty of drawers and cupboards to store platters and dinnerware. Add a coordinating china cabinet to display delicate glassware and crystal. For the finishing touch, hang a wall-mounted wine rack so guests can see the selection.

A hanging wine rack is a great way to show off your favorite vintages.

Makeover Plain Walls

Once all the practical pieces are in place, add stylish flair to your rooms with some attractive wall decor. From gorgeous paintings to eye-catching accent pieces, these items allow you to tie your whole ensemble together as well as add some personality to your space.

Play with Your Palette

If you're searching for inspiration, look to your existing furniture. For instance, a slate sectional topped with dove gray and beige toss pillows coordinates beautifully with metallic finishes. Hang a silver mirror or a gold clock above your seating area for a cohesive look.

Metallic finishes, like the one featured on this clock, are neutral and complement nearly any palette.

You can also use your wall decor to complete a monochromatic color scheme. If you have a dark wood bed with a brown and tan quilt, opt for wall sconces finished in bronze. On the other hand, try choosing an accent hue and running with it. Pair a red silk floral centerpiece in the dining room with an art print featuring hints of crimson and merlot.

Pick out bold colors from your room and incorporate them into your wall decor for a curated look.

Maximize Motifs

Create visual flow by picking blank wall decor that mirrors the shapes and patterns of your furnishings. Mount a rectangular painting behind a dining set of the same shape, or hang a wall sculpture with interlinking rings in a den with a round cocktail table. If you have striped accent pillows, look for wall art with parallel lines.

Striped accent pillows paired with wall art that mimic the lines of the pillow help liven up the entire room.

Add a Personal Touch

Decorate empty walls in a way that shows off your personality and style. Abstract artwork, cityscapes and geometric pieces work best for a contemporary feel, while ornate plaques and floral prints complement a traditional look. In the kids' rooms, try dressing up an empty wall to show off their unique interests with fun decor.

Choose whimsical pieces to add personality to rooms.

Engage the Senses

Use textured wall coverings to bring dimension to your design. Hang a silky tapestry or an intricate, low-pile area rug on the wall to introduce different textures to a room with linen or leather furniture. Choose artwork and mirrors with smooth metal or wood grain features, or consider sculptural pieces with rugged stone-like finishes.

Think outside the box by using ornate, colorful rugs as wall decor.

Save a Spot: Decorating with Empty Picture Frames

Decorating with empty frames on the walls is another versatile technique. Simple and affordable, empty frame decor has a chic and stylish appeal that works with nearly any style. Large antique frames have a traditional allure, while sleek and streamlined empty frame wall decor gives the room a modern feel. For an eclectic look, mix and match frames in varying shapes and sizes.

Wall Design Ideas and Layouts

Once you have a plan and a few wall decor ideas, consider your placement of mirrors, artwork and tall furnishings in the room. Before you pick up the hammer and nails, there are a few things to think about:

  • Gallery Wall: Cluster framed prints or family photos to create a stunning gallery wall. Visualize your arrangement by using painter's tape to plot out picture placement. Experiment with various configurations before you commit to a layout.
  • Oversized: Using large blank wall decor allows you to cover more space with fewer items. Simply leaning an oversized mirror against a bedroom wall creates the illusion of openness with the added benefit of reflected light, while a single large piece of art makes a big statement.
  • Avoid Overcrowding: Too many items can result in a cluttered presentation. Whether you're hanging artwork, arranging furniture or placing tall sculptures, allow the walls to frame each piece by placing them a few inches apart.

This large artwork demonstrates the benefits of a gallery installation, the impact of oversized pieces and the importance of proper spacing.

Putting it all Together

Planning out your design, choosing your accents and deciding on an arrangement may feel like a big task, but the payoff is worth it. Carefully selected artwork, mirrors and furnishings can personalize your home and give it a cozy, lived-in look. Wall decor transforms color palettes, themes and furniture into comfortable, familiar spaces for the entire family.