Modern Updates for Contemporary Living Rooms

Sometimes you just need a small change to make your home feel like new. More often than not, a full renovation isn't necessary. Revamping your home can be as simple as adding an accent piece or swapping out the sofa.

If your space is getting stale, consider these modern living room ideas to breathe a breath of fresh air into your design.




Refreshing Your Decor, Step by Step

1.) Replace Your Coffee Table

A cocktail table may be one of the most important pieces in your living room. These multitaskers serve as the hub of the room where you can gather and set drinks, remotes and decor. Try exchanging your existing table for a updated model with chrome accents or clean lines.

2.) Switch Your Standard Couch for a Sectional

Sectionals are a great way to establish the characteristic flow of contemporary design. Available in lots of different shapes, sizes and configurations, these pieces fit into just about any room. Plus, sectionals come with plenty of modern features like power reclining, comfy chaises and customizable seating for cutting-edge comfort and style.

3.) Add a Few Accent Chairs

Give your room a little oomph with a couple of accent chairs. In addition to providing extra seating, these pieces allow you to infuse an array of colors and textures into your decor with minimal effort. For example, a raspberry pink tub chair has an eye-catching effect when paired with neutrals, while woven upholstery creates contrast with a leather sofa.

Adding Decor

4.) Include Rugs

If you're looking for a change, but you aren't quite ready to get all new furniture, consider using a rug in your contemporary living room. Try geometric prints for a fun and funky twist, or consider a vibrant wave pattern for an artistic vibe. Just make sure to select a rug that ties in with the palette throughout the rest of the space.

5.) Play Around With Artwork

Bringing in new artwork is a quick and easy way to update your room. Mix, match and rearrange art to refresh your room whenever the mood strikes. Look for pieces that contain abstract motifs, such as swirls or splatters. Make a real statement with a large canvas that transforms a blank wall into a gallery-worthy display.

6.) Throw in Some Pillows and Blankets

Throws and pillows are another fast and inexpensive way to rejuvenate your room. Use a variety of textures, patterns and colors to add some visual interest to your seating arrangement. Try something unexpected with a shag material, or layer on the softness with a plush blanket draped over a chair.




Lighting, Textures, and Color

7.) Install New Light Fixtures

Good lighting is a necessity for any room, but it's often an afterthought when it comes to designing a modern living room. The right lighting can be transformative. Search for lamps with gold, silver or brass bases for a sleek, streamlined look that goes with everything. On the other hand, you can get a little wild with a colorful chandelier featuring blown glass.

8.) Mix Modern Textures

Introducing various textures, from matte leather to smooth metal, changes the aesthetic of the room. Incorporating a variety of materials in your contemporary living room adds depth. For example, position a tufted velvet ottoman next to a leather couch with an assortment of toss pillows for a comfy and attractive combo.

9.) Add Some Retro Flair

A mid-century modern living room has all of the minimalist appeal and polish of contemporary design with the addition of some cool hues and unique shapes. A midnight blue sofa set with flared legs and track arms fits right into modern decor while also bringing a classic, vintage vibe into the room.

10.) Use Vivid Colors Alongside Neutrals

One common misconception is that modern living rooms should only use shades like black, white and beige. On the contrary, you can shake things up with brightly colored couches and chaise lounges. Switching your muted furnishings for those in bold reds, blues or greens makes it a breeze to create some visual interest in your space.

Before You Go

There are a few key points to keep in mind as you develop your own contemporary living room plans:

  • Consider how you can expand your current palette with an accent color.
  • Try several contrasting textures and patterns for maximum impact.
  • Always stick to the chic simplicity of clean lines and minimalist design.

If you're feeling intimidated by remodeling, remember that refreshing your room can be as easy as swapping an older piece of furniture for a new one.

These modern living room ideas are just the start, so step back and assess your space to discover all of the possibilities. Whether you're ready for a total overhaul or just a few little tweaks, the sky's the limit.