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    10 Renter-Friendly Ideas for a Reversible Remodel

    Renter-Friendly Home Renovation Tips

    Tenants may have to deal with a lot of financial and physical restrictions when renting their homes. Most property owners limit the changes and upgrades you can make to your unit, so customizing the space to your liking can be challenging. Thankfully, there are plenty of renter-friendly home renovation tips you can try to achieve the look you want but make sure to review and consider any restrictions in your lease.

    Personalizing Your Rental Space

    Since large-scale upgrades are typically off-limits to renters, a reversible remodel is your best option to bring your interior design style to life. This process involves making changes that are either fully reversible or easy to pack up and take with you on moving day. Many modern home design trends take this approach, so it’s easy to find inventive workarounds that fit your needs.

    Personalizing your home with comfy and unique furnishings that suit you is an essential part of loving where you live. Our physical environment affects our mood, so everything from the upholstery on your sectional to the paint color in the bathroom can make an impact on your mental wellbeing. However, renters often find it difficult to transform their house or apartment into a home.

    Update Lights and Fixtures

    Looking for creative ways to upgrade the lighting in your home? Start by replacing the old bulbs with energy-saving options that produce soft, warm or neutral light. Or, choose smart lighting with remote-controlled or voice-activated bulbs. You can also use floor and table lamps or mount peel-and-stick fixtures to walls, cabinets and shelving.

    Furnishings in your favorite style help make rental spaces feel more personalized and welcoming.
    Furnishings in your favorite style help make rental spaces feel more personalized and welcoming.

    Buy New Furniture

    Buying new furniture is a common renter-friendly update you can make to your unit. Bring home brand-new living room and dining room sets in your favorite color and theme to give your space a chic and comfy boost. Use home decor to show off your stylish side, and select a new bedroom set to create the relaxing escape of your dreams. The best part? You can take it all with you when you move.

    Replace Cabinet Hardware

    For a low-cost kitchen or bathroom alteration that delivers big results, swap out the old cabinet knobs and drawer pulls for new hardware that suits your style. Using a screwdriver, remove the existing hardware and store it somewhere safe for an easy re-install when you move. From there, you can install new knobs or pulls and step back to admire your handiwork.

    Try Temporary Wallpaper

    If your landlord prohibits you from painting the walls of your home or apartment, consider using temporary wallpaper to achieve a similar effect. Temporary wallpaper also comes in virtually every color and style to help you capture a look and feel that speaks to you.

    Stick Up New Shelves

    While most property owners are fine with small nail holes in a wall, many frown on larger holes. To avoid this issue, consider using floating shelves. These lightweight boards typically hang from adhesive tape or small brackets. You could also get creative with your shelving and try DIY solutions like hanging up a wooden board using adhesive tape, hooks or sturdy twine.

    Rely on Storage

    Renters can also give their layouts a chic and practical upgrade by adding extra storage to their homes. Use closet organizers for clothing and shoes, lift-top ottomans to stow remotes and magazines and floating shelves for spices, dishes and glassware. Whether you’re redecorating compact kitchens or small bedrooms, there’s a renter-friendly storage solution for every room in your home.

    Look for New Faucets and Shower Heads

    Faucets and shower heads in a rental often show their age, both in style and use. So, swap out the old fixtures for new, visually-appealing options that also save on water. From stainless-steel pull-down faucets for the kitchen to a brushed-nickel faucet or a copper-finished shower head for the bathroom, these easy-to-install and easy-to-remove options are ideal for reversible remodels.

    Get Creative Outdoors

    When it comes to the exterior of a rental, tenants often have more freedom to decorate. From creating an outdoor oasis using cozy patio seating to adding a shady umbrella for your backyard staycation, landlords usually allow changes that give the property extra curb appeal. Other options include starting a garden or learning a few professional landscaping skills to design a flowerbed.

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