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    Cozy Outdoor Furniture

    Teal and wicker patio sectional with fire pit table

    Most people use electric fans, shady patio umbrellas and cooler carts full of cold beverages to stay cool while lounging outside on hot, sunny days. Once the sun sets, however, the chilly temperatures might force them to cut their fun, outdoor leisure time short as they retreat inside for warmth.

    Looking for ways to stay outside and enjoy your deck, terrace or porch on cool summer nights? Decorating the space with cozy patio furniture is a smart and stylish way to ensure that you and your guests remain comfortable when the temperatures drop at the end of the day. Use the information in this article to pick out the perfect furnishings for your setup.


    Check out these tips to learn how to create a cozy patio layout using:

    White and blue patio seating set with fire table

    Cozy accents and furnishings help keep you comfortable as you relax outdoors on chilly evenings.

    How Do I Make My Patio Furniture Cozy?

    Whether your patio sets feature metal, wooden, wicker, or plastic materials, you can make your setup cozier by adding plush throw pillows and cushions. Accent your cast aluminum conversation set or teak sofa using a few cushy toss pillows for an ultra-comfy feel on cool summer nights. You can also use tie-on Sunbrella chair cushions to soften the seats of your wicker dining or wrought iron bistro set.

    High-pile outdoor rugs help enhance the warm, inviting feel of your setup as well. An expansive 8x11 rug is an excellent option for those wondering how to keep their concrete patios cozy. Hang up wall decor such as curtains and tapestries on your deck walls to insulate the space. Lastly, fill a storage bin with fluffy afghans and throws so guests can grab a blanket when it gets chilly outside.

    photo of brown wicker sectional and table with rug underneath

    Add cozy warmth to your hardwood deck or paved patio using thick, fluffy rugs.

    Block the Breeze on Cool Summer Nights

    Another way to make your patio feel cozy in the evenings is to set up wind screens that redirect brisk breezes and keep them from blowing through your layout. Many of the decor items you use for outdoor shade, including umbrellas, canopies, awnings and privacy screens, can shield your seating and dining sets from strong winds that cool down your space.

    If you're looking to screen in a large lawn, you might consider building a tall fence or stone wall to enclose the yard. Meanwhile, a retractable wind blocker that you can mount on the outer wall of your home lets you protect your deck or balcony from chilly breezes. Or, you could arrange planters full of tall grass and trees around your uncovered porch to create a unique enclosed patio design.

    photo of brown dining table and chairs with ivory cushions

    Keep your outdoor curtains and wind screens open to let cool breezes in on hot days, then close them to block chilly gusts of wind after dark.

    Warming Up Your Patio With Outdoor Heating Units

    What's cozier than snuggling up next to the fire on a cool summer night? Along with bathing your deck or patio in a soft, ambient glow, fire pits serve as a soothing heat source for your setup. Similarly, a tall chiminea gives your outdoor space the look and feel of a charming indoor fireplace hearth.

    A backyard fire ring or tabletop fireplace works to warm up your patio as well. If you prefer to heat your space without the use of an open flame, consider electric or gas patio heaters. Many of these units have a pillar or triangle shape that makes it easy to tuck them into a corner and save room on your cozy, small patio. Some are also adjustable, so you can direct the warmth where you need it most.

    5 Pc Fire Pit Seating Set with Mushroom Cushions and fire table

    Fire rings and tables are perfect for toasting marshmallows and infusing your outdoor seating area with charming warmth.

    Automated Accents For Cozy Outdoor Furniture

    Those with the time and money to take on a bigger renovation project might consider installing a few automated outdoor features that enhance the cozy atmosphere on their porch or patio. Some common high-tech items that people use to make their back deck or terrace feel warm and comfy include:

    • Heated Outdoor Floors: If you live in a region that experiences snowy, icy winters, you may know that some people use heated concrete slabs to melt ice and snow off their driveways. You can find companies that install the same underfloor heating units to warm up your hardwood deck or paved patio floors.
    • Hot Tubs and Heated Pools: Adding a heat pump to your other pool house decor and equipment can help you enjoy pool parties on cool summer nights. Hot tubs are another excellent option for those who want to stay outside and relax in soothing, warm water on chilly evenings.
    • Heated Seats: Depending on where you shop, you might be able to find patio recliners, reclining loveseats, sectionals and other outdoor power chairs with heated cushions. When the sun sets and your patio gets a bit chillier, you can snuggle into these soft seats for extra warmth and comfort.
    • Light Fixtures: In some cases, the soft, ambient glow that comes from outdoor light fixtures can give your patio or backyard a warm, cozy boost. Placing torches around your backyard seating arrangement and sitting candle lanterns on your end tables is another smart choice if you want to provide small light and heat sources for your setup.
    String lights on a wooden fence

    Outdoor light fixtures can enhance the warm, inviting atmosphere on your cozy patio.

    Establishing a warm and cozy atmosphere on your patio can be easy, so long as you have the right furniture and decor. Use this post to decide whether simple accents like blankets and soft rugs will work best for you or to find high-tech options for heating up your space so you can keep enjoying your outdoor layout on chilly evenings.

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