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    Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas

    Pre-Teen Boys Room Layouts and Decor Ideas

    As your son matures, so too will his tastes. Growing kids often want to experiment with the style in their rooms, and there are plenty of options available to suit their evolving preferences. By playing with color, themes, layouts and furniture, you can help your tween boy create a look that reflects his unique interests and personality.

    This post includes boys bedroom ideas and tips on:

    It will take some discussion and compromise to develop tween bedroom decorating ideas that you and your son can both appreciate. With these tips, you can design a colorful, stylish and well-organized layout that you both will love.

    Working together, it's easy to help your pre-teen boy design the ultimate bedroom hangout.
    Working together, it's easy to help your pre-teen boy design the ultimate bedroom hangout.

    Pre-teen Boy Bedroom Color Schemes

    Creating a more grown-up atmosphere for your tween boy’s bedroom means reconsidering hues that he liked when he was younger. A deeper, more robust palette brings a sophisticated look to the room to suit the young adult your child is becoming. Ask your son about his favorite colors and come up with a plan for incorporating them into his bedroom design.

    Start with a Neutral Base

    Your son’s favorite colors are likely to keep changing throughout his early teen years. As such, it’s a good idea to lay the foundation of the room with neutral shades that complement a wide range of hues. Paint the walls plain white or soft gray and stick with simple beige rugs and carpeting that will work well with furniture and accent items in almost any color.

    Add Dynamic Colors

    After you and your tween decide on the base color scheme, you can start adding his favorite vibrant hues to the mix. These are the shades you should focus on when choosing teen bedding, wall art, decorative furniture and painted accent walls for the bedroom. Consider the following colors for your pre-teen boy’s bedroom palette.


    Many people think of blue as the most common color for boys. While soft pastel blues are a great fit for a baby’s room, darker cobalt or navy blankets, posters and poufs suit the calmer, more mature vibe of a tween’s room. Experiment with multiple shades of blue to create a cool, monochromatic look.


    Refreshing and soothing, green is a great choice for laid back pre-teens. Set up a lime green accent chair to liven up a corner with a dark gray rug. If you chose brown wooden nightstands for boys, top them with emerald green lamps to evoke the peaceful feel of nature and the outdoors.

    Some styles in green:


    Bold energetic boys may prefer shades of red for their bedrooms. Choose a striking crimson bean bag or scarlet gaming chair to match your tween’s pumped-up mood during video game tournaments. You can also pick red bedding with a charming check pattern for their warm and cozy bedspread.


    Some tween boys like orange for the cheerful vibe it brings to their space. If that sounds like your pre-teen, consider orange rugs, chairs, posters and throw pillows to give their room an energetic boost. These pieces come in bright tangerine tones or dark burnt orange shades to suit your son’s preferences.

    Pair neutral furnishings with colorful accents for a balanced look that shows youthfulness and maturity.
    Pair neutral furnishings with colorful accents for a balanced look that shows youthfulness and maturity.

    Themed Bedrooms for Boys

    Giving your adolescent son’s room a cool new theme is another great way to upgrade the space. Just like the race car beds and dinosaur decals from his younger days, there are decorative items that you can use to showcase his new interests and changing personality. Check out these tween bedroom ideas to find a theme that suits your son.

    Sports Fan Bedroom

    Football, baseball and basketball themes are among the most popular ideas for tween boy bedrooms. Decorate with bedding, rugs and lamps featuring team colors and logos from your son’s favorite sport. You can also set up a small bookcase or wall-mounted shelf to display all of his trophies and awards.

    Music Lover Theme

    Whether your child is a classical violinist or a garage band guitarist, this theme is perfect for reflecting his love of music. Use a comfy upholstered chair and a sheet music stand to create a spot where your tween can practice. Hang up posters of his favorite musicians and add a few poufs and ottomans for his friends to sit on during jam sessions.

    Bedroom Design for Pre-Teen Gamers

    If your tween loves video games, give him an awesome bedroom gaming station. Choose a small TV stand with drawers and shelves to hold his television, gaming console and favorite games. He’ll also need a gaming chair that offers back support and keeps him comfy while he plays. Tie the whole look together with artwork featuring controllers and game characters.

    Theme for Teenage Movie Buffs

    Pick a Hollywood movie theme for a pre-teen who loves to watch blockbuster films. Create the feel of a personal theater using a wall-mounted TV and speaker setup. Select a small recliner where your son can kick back and enjoy a movie, or try a small sofa to provide seating for his friends. Framed posters of favorite movies will add a personal touch to his tween bedroom decor.

    Create a theme around your tween's favorite movie.
    Create a theme around your tween's favorite movie.

    Room Design for Boys: Creating a Practical Tween Bedroom Layout

    After you and your son decide on the colors and themes he wants, you can figure out the best way to set up the room. It’s important to make the layout as functional as possible while maximizing the space, especially in a shared or tiny bedroom. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create different zones for your pre-teen’s daily activities.

    Sleep Spot

    Sleep comes first, so the bed should have a prominent place in your tween’s bedroom layout. Set the bed in the center of a large room or place it against a colorful accent wall in a smaller space. If possible, position the bed away from the windows to minimize outside noise and help your kid get uninterrupted sleep each night.

    Place your son's bed close to his closet or en suite bathroom for a more functional flow.
    Place your son's bed close to his closet or en suite bathroom for a more functional flow.

    Homework Area

    Your pre-teen will also need a place to study for tests and work on school assignments. Create a small homework zone in a corner or along an unused wall. A loft bed with a desk underneath helps them separate sleep from work while also saving on floor space. Be sure to position his work area near a window, so your son has plenty of light when studying.

    Bed frames with attached desks and wall-mounted workstations are perfect space-savers for tween bedrooms.