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    Furnishing Ideas For Extra Storage Throughout Your Home

    If there’s one thing that most people could use more of, it’s storage space. Luckily, whether you live in a studio apartment or need to maximize a family home, there’s a storage solution for every need. Check out these storage suggestions for every room in your home:


    Whether you have a defined entryway or a door that opens directly into your living room, the space near your front door can easily get cluttered with a tangle of shoes, purses, coats and backpacks. Adding a few affordable pieces can control the clutter while adding stylish functionality to your home.

    Storage Bench

    Consider placing a storage bench against one wall to provide a spot to sit while taking off shoes, or place items that you don’t want to forget to take with you. Many feature built-in cubbies, drawers or shelving that offer a designated spot for various items. Others include a lift-top seat cushion, ideal for tucking away things that you want out of sight.

    Wood storage benches will hold up well to high traffic areas and tend to have either cubbies below the seat or a hinged lift top seat.

    Accent Cabinets

    Accent cabinets or credenzas are also a great choice for this high-traffic area. Use the drawers for safely storing wallets and keys, and use the cabinets for storing larger accessories. If your front door opens into your living room, you may want to consider adding a bookcase or room divider to define the space and add additional storage.

    Accent cabinets often have a relatively small footprint and can be used throughout your home to add extra storage space here and there. Hallways, entryways, nooks, living rooms, family rooms are all likely spots to add a bit of style and storage with an accent cabinet. These cabinets can be found with hinged doors, or drawered storage (often called accent chests). These vibrant pieces are designed to add a pop of color or unique design to your space by contrasting or complementing your other furniture rather than matching and blending with it.

    Some cabinets have glass front cabinets designed for displaying items, others are solid faced and are a great place to conveniently tuck away household items. Some accent cabinets are designed to be used in the bathroom and dressing area where they are a great spot to keep extra bath towels and toiletry items handy.

    Living Room

    As the primary gathering spot in the home, it’s no surprise that the living room can become cluttered fast. Keep things under control by picking items that pull double duty.

    TV Console

    For example, choose a stylish TV console or wall unit that not only keeps your TV and media components organized, but also provides additional cabinets or shelving for toys, games or school supplies. A TV stand or entertainment center also offers the ideal place to store electronic components, hide cords and cables, and organize accessories and media such as DVDs, blue rays and video games. Many offer plenty of additional cabinet or drawer space to store extra items.

    Larger entertainment centers offer display space for decorative accents.
    Larger entertainment centers offer display space for decorative accents.

    Storage Ottomans

    Great for the living room, game room or home office, a storage ottoman offers not just extra seating and a place to kick up your heels, but plenty of room to stash items. A stylish cocktail ottoman with built-in storage is a triple threat: place a tray on top to use it in place of a coffee table, store things inside and use it as extra seating if you have a full house.

    Even your seating can be versatile: pick a sofa, loveseat or sectional with a built-in storage console or choose a sleeper to create an instant guest bedroom.

    Storage Coffee Tables

    In the living room or family room, your coffee table offers an opportunity for storage. Look for storage coffee tables with shelves and drawers, these can help you contain the small knickknacks in your living spaces. If you have larger things to store, look for a trunk or large, lidded basket to serve as your coffee table. These have the benefit of storing larger items, but beware that you’ll need to remove everything from the top each time you want access to the items inside.

    Sofa Tables with Storage

    For further storage in the family room, look for sofa tables that offer storage. To expand your choices in sizes and styles, look through options for sideboards and buffets, many do not have a specific dining room look and could just as easily be used in the living room. Any of these would be an excellent way to keep your family room clutter contained.

    Bookcases – Room Dividers

    Though open shelving doesn’t help you hide your junk, bookcases and room dividers can provide spots to proudly display your curios and collectibles. Their use can be extended with decorative storage baskets and boxes on the shelves to tuck away small household items that you don’t want to be displayed.

    Dining Room

    Many people don’t think of the dining room as a great source of storage. However, with a few smart selections, you’d be surprised how much storage you can fit into your eating area.

    Buffet Servers / Sideboards / Cabinets

    Servers, buffets, sideboards, china cabinets and curios all offer ample storage space designed for dining needs. Many offer dining room-specific features, such as felt-lined silverware trays, lighted display space for fine china and drawers for storing table cloths and placemats. Some even include built-in storage for table leaves.

    In the dining room, not only do buffets and sideboards extend serving space for big festive meals, but they offer ample room to stash and stow a variety of dining items including serving trays, tureens, crystal ware, china and even daily-ware dishes. If you don’t need the serving space and you prefer to display your showier items, a china cabinet will suit your needs.

    For a smaller footprint piece, look through options of bar carts, servers, wine cabinets or dry-bars. These are typically much smaller than sideboards, and offer specific cubbies for wine and spirits, and frequently tracks to store stemware.

    Dining Table with Storage

    If you don’t have the room for an extra piece in your dining room, consider a dining table with storage built into the base. Available in both regular and counter height options, some tables include storage cabinets, drawers or even wine bottle storage.