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    Tween Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    Tween Rooms: Ideas, Decor, and Designs for Bedrooms

    Redesigning the Perfect Tween Bedroom

    Has your tween finally outgrown their teddy bear, dump truck or princess-themed room? Transitioning a tween bedroom from childhood favorites to age-appropriate decor can be bittersweet for parents, but it’s all part of helping kids grow up.

    As the only room in the house that’s theirs to decorate, preteens see their bedrooms as a place for self-expression. If you’re planning a tween bedroom redesign, tailor the space by getting kids involved in the process. Spend some quality time with them by doing something creative and teaching concepts like budgeting, looking for quality in furnishings and making informed choices.

    Helpful Tween Room Ideas and Tips for Collaboration

    Tour the room together and talk with your kids about their needs. While tweens often focus on accents and details, a foundation of well-made furniture is vital to make their space comfy and useful. Keep to your budget by checking the big-ticket items off your list first, starting with the bed.

    Choosing the Right Bed for Your Tween

    During their early tweens, kids often outgrow much of their furniture. A twin bed that was a perfect fit during childhood might not have the spacious width or length they need now. Consider tween mattresses that are a little bigger to avoid upsizing as they grow. A full bed is a good size to last most growing kids through high school and beyond.

    In smaller spaces, consider tween bedroom ideas with loft beds rather than standard frames. Bunk beds and loft beds often feature built-in dressers and desks, leaving more room for armoires, vanities and other furnishings. Bunk bed sets in shared rooms give each child a space of their own. On the other hand, daybeds and trundle beds provide a convenient spot for friends to crash when they stay over.

    Finding Seating for Tween Rooms

    Preteen bedrooms should be comfortable retreats that accommodate everything from relaxing and studying to hobbies and gaming. Tween boys and girls have various interests, so they’ll need chairs or multipurpose pieces to support their endeavors.

    Gamers may want a sleek gaming chair or some bean bags for friends. Musicians may prefer a practice area with a sofa or futon to seat the whole band. Talk to your child to determine what furnishings they need to support their needs and choose pieces based on budget and the best fit for their space.

    Finish the Space with Tween Room Decor

    Once everyone is happy with the foundational pieces, it’s time to choose the accents and extras to personalize their layout. Take the time and ask your kids for their opinions. For some tween girl bedroom ideas, browse different sites and take shopping trips to see what she likes most.

    Does your daughter need space to get ready in the morning? If so, vanity sets with large mirrors offer ample space for hair care products. Perhaps she’d like an ottoman or bench at the end of the bed to lay out clothes or a sturdy desk for homework, gaming or crafts. Ask her to explore and share her favorite tween bedroom ideas for girls to better understand what she needs.

    The same approach goes for researching tween bedroom ideas for boys. Your son may want a computer desk and chair for studying and gaming. Or, he might prefer a cohesive bedroom with a coordinated bed frame, nightstand, dresser and stylish, coordinating teen bedding.

    Tween Room Organization Ideas

    For tweens and teens who need a little extra help staying organized, there are plenty of items available to keep their space neat and tidy. Whether they need a place to hang their clothes or storage space for books or valuables, you have plenty of options to choose from, such as:

    • Dressers: A plus in any bedroom, spacious dressers provide plenty of room for your child’s clothes and extra blankets.
    • Bookcases: Help your tween put their books, trophies and collectibles on display with bookshelves.
    • Storage Ottomans: Both stylish and functional, a storage ottoman can hold accessories, sports gear and other essentials.

    Tween Bedroom Design for Small Spaces

    Prioritize small-space items that serve multiple uses when square footage is at a premium and look for pieces that take advantage of corners and blank walls. Loft bed futons provide a mattress as well as seating, while bookcase daybeds add storage without taking up floor space.

    Additionally, beds with trundle drawers and storage ottomans are space-saving tween bedroom ideas that free up more areas in the room for other furnishings. Adding a footrest with a storage compartment brings an extra seat into the room as well.

    Cool Bedroom Themes for Tweens

    Identity is crucial for preteens. With personalized tween room decor, kids see their rooms as a retreat that reflects who they are. Teen styles and interests can change on a dime. Opting for established decor trends gives you a base that can adapt to a new color palette, bedding and accents over time.

    • Modern: Sleek and streamlined, modern furnishings emphasize straight, clean lines, simple colors and a minimal aesthetic. To liven things up, browse bedding, rugs and wall prints with modern, geometric designs.
    • Contemporary: Gently curved arches and blended textures are front and center in contemporary furnishings. Neutrals dominate this decor style, but you can add plenty of color through wall art, throws and pillows.
    • Traditional: Traditional bedrooms for tweens favor classic wood frames, symmetry and comfort. Running out of unique tween girl’s bedroom ideas? Opt for a canopy bed. She can style these fanciful overhead frames with sheer panels or heavy curtains to achieve just the right look.
    • Transitional: To get this style, look for furnishings and accents that mix classic and modern elements. Seek out pieces like sleek upholstered headboards embellished with traditional nailhead trim or lush velvet tufted seats with turned wood