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    Design Tips For Your Airbnb Rental

    photo of two metal chaise lounges and a serving tray near a swimming pool

    Whether it's a full-time gig or a side hustle, people turn their properties into Airbnb locations for many reasons. When competing for guests in the vacation rental industry, Airbnb hosts need to look for ways to enhance their space. Creating a chic patio lounge area is a quick, simple approach to boosting your property's appeal.

    Ready to learn more? This article covers all the patio decorating basics for your Airbnb, including:

    Boosting Your Airbnb Backyard

    When designing a patio layout for Airbnb guests, consider your location, available rooms and target market. The design of your backyard patio or garden space hinges on how your guests will want to use it. Vacationing couples may prefer a quiet outdoor oasis complete with privacy screens, while a group of friends may prefer patio furniture conducive to barbeques or socializing.

    Photo of metal patio seating set on a private patio

    Coordinate your outdoor furnishings to accommodate the guests within your niche.

    Taking all these factors into account can help you optimize your Airbnb's outdoor layout. Consider the following patio ideas to determine the best use of your space:

    • Intimate Seating: When catering to couples, turn your Airbnb's backyard into a cozy retreat with a lovely wrought iron bistro set or a pair of Adirondack chairs overlooking lakeside or forest views.
    • Relaxing Getaway: Consider creating a cozy hangout for renters looking to escape the stresses of city life. Hammocks, porch swings and gliders offer soothing motion and peaceful vibes for those needing a break from the daily grind.
    • Family Friendly: If your property is a hotspot for family fun, mix grown-up seating sets with picnic tables so kids can play games together or share snacks. Adding a swing set or a storage bench filled with fun backyard toys to entertain younger children is a parent-pleasing option, too.
    • Party Central: For Airbnb's with multiple rooms for larger groups, make sure your patio offers enough seating even at max capacity. Opt for roomy sectionals or expansive conversation sets and keep your backyard patio well-lit with outdoor lanterns so guests can socialize long after dark.

    Poolside Paradise

    Photo of a pair of teak outdoor chaise lounges with ivory sling seats poolside

    Boost your rental's appeal with poolside seating.

    Airbnb properties with swimming pools are a hot commodity in the vacation rental market, but a few five-star touches make all the difference. Chaise lounges and side tables placed poolside give guests a place to dry off and unwind with a cold drink after a few laps. Meanwhile, the addition of a dining set provides vacation resort vibes as visitors enjoy a full day of sun and fun with meals and snacks in the fresh air.

    Photo of a wicker and teak patio dining set

    Adding a dining set to your pool area gives the space the look and feel of a high-end resort.

    When planning your poolside makeover, include plenty of shade. Cantilever umbrellas cool down lounge areas and adjust easily throughout the day. Meanwhile, table umbrellas help prevent metal dining sets from heating up under the sun. Also, consider adding outdoor rugs to your pool layout to shield bare feet from hot concrete walkways.

    Hot Tub Extras

    Brown Accent Chair Set

    Club chairs arranged near your Airbnb's hot tub offer an extra level of luxury.

    If a hot tub is one of your Airbnb's featured amenities, you can further enhance this property perk with a few outdoor furniture pieces. Think about adding the following furnishings to boost your guests' experience:

    • Club chairs: Offer renters a place to sit, chat and cool off between sessions in the hot tub with club chairs or reclining loungers.
    • Console Tables: Set up a console table with towels, an ice bucket and bottled water or a cooler so guests can stay hydrated. You can also use this space to display a list of rules and restrictions for hot tub use.
    • Bar seating: Don't have room for lounge seating? Bar sets give renters a place to cool off after visiting the hot tub. Opt for bar stools that fit neatly under the table to keep walkways clear on smaller decks.
    Photo of a 5-piece cast aluminum bar height dining set

    Bar sets give renters a place to relax after enjoying a dip in the hot tub.

    Full Occupancy

    Photo of curved outdoor sectional with seafoam cushions

    Select seating that offers plenty of room for family and friend groups during their stay.

    If your Airbnb offers multiple rooms, make sure your outdoor spaces reflect the needs of your renters. Providing ample dining and seating options for reunions, celebrations and other gatherings encourages guests to book your property for bachelorette parties and other family functions.

    • Extension Patio Tables: Adding extendable tables to your layout gives renters more room for big events. Look for 10-person extension tables to offer maximum seating.
    • Expansive Sectionals: Curved and u-shaped sectionals let family and friends chat and catch up in total comfort. Look for collections that include coffee and end tables, so everyone has a place for snacks and drinks.
    • Fire Pits: Adding a mellow flickering glow with a fire pit allows groups to roast marshmallows and share stories late into the night. Tabletop fireplaces are another option if you prefer a neat, contained fire element that offers more control.
    • Outdoor Heating: Extend the use of your deck or patio with gas or electric heating, so guests can stay toasty when the weather cools down. A chimenea paired with rocking chairs on the front porch also gives your Airbnb property a cozy, rustic vibe.
    • Lighting: When hosting large groups, well-lit spaces are crucial. Illuminate pathways and stairways with solar lighting and wall sconces so guests can navigate decks and backyard spaces safely and easily.
    Photo of brown metal 9-piece outdoor dining set

    Choose expansive patio dining sets to provide enough seating for bachelor parties and family events.

    When looking for ways to improve your Airbnb listing, build on what your property has to offer by considering your location, market and available space. Adding patio furnishings to elements like pools and hot tubs is an easy way to boost your guests' Airbnb experience.

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