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    A velvet ottoman is the perfect choice if you’re searching for that final piece to complete your layout. Velvet footstools are available in a range of colors, shapes and designs to best coordinate with your seating, too. Chic, multi-functional ottomans can also bring useful storage and surface space to your living room or den.

    A Rainbow of Colors

    Our velvet ottomans come in various hues to complement your color scheme. If you want to warm up a neutral palette, consider red or pink ottomans. Or, opt for green or blue velvet footstools to add plush texture and cool tones to your space. Gray and cream ottomans coordinate with all colors, while black velvet ottomans provide stark contrast among lighter furnishings.

    Shapely Silhouettes

    Well-padded, round velvet ottomans act as a cozy footrest and double as extra seating for movie night or weekend party guests. Meanwhile, you can use flat, square velvet footstools and cocktail ottomans as extra surface space for serving trays when friends and family visit for brunch.

    Functional and Fabulous

    In addition to being a stunning piece of furniture, many velvet ottomans offer convenient features for everyday use. Storage ottomans make it easy to stow odds and ends away discreetly in your family room or den. Meanwhile, some small velvet footstools can also double as a cozy seat for your bedroom vanity.

    Stylish Details

    Look for a velvet ottoman in a style that works well with your sectional or sofa set. Tufted footstools with wooden legs are ideal for classic wingback seats. On the other hand, oval velvet ottomans with a gold base bring some glam to contemporary layouts. For sleek, modern seating sets, try a velvet ottoman with clean, straight lines to complement your sofa or arm chair.

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