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    Enjoy your home decor for years to come with chenille living room sets. Our curated collections are velvety soft but stand up easily to the wear and tear of everyday use.

    Available in an array of colors and designs, chenille living room sets complement a variety of styles.

    Plush beige sets with rattan details put the finishing touch on tropical decor.

    For a mid-century modern approach, try a honey yellow or chenille living room set with tufted backs and angled legs.

    Our chenille blue sets are available in shades ranging from vibrant sapphire and teal to pale periwinkle, so you can create the perfect atmosphere for snoozing on lazy afternoons, relaxing with your favorite shows or entertaining guests.

    Whether you prefer a sectional or sofa and chair set for your family room, our collection includes plush seating in an array of styles to suit your home. From cozy classic couches and arm chairs to lush contemporary sectional sets, our designs make it easy to incorporate this velvety material into your home decor.

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