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      Kingsdown Malbec Full Mattress

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      Kingsdown Malbec Full Mattress



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      • Its ultra premium layers are hand crafted together through the tufting process, eliminating the shifting of layers while allowing each layer to work as designed for the ultimate comfort sleep experience
      • Engineered to deliver responsive care throughout the night, its soft, plush foam and natural, nonallergenic Joma Wool enhance your sleeping experience with temperature regulation, long-lasting support and pressure relief
      • The Malbec's soft knit cover is supported by a unique pinhole design that allows breathability and airflow throughout the mattress
      • Crafted heat-tempered steel micro-coils underneath provide long-lasting resiliency and comfort
      • Under the micro-coils are over seventeen hundred individually wrapped coils that delicately cradle your body, delivering unmatched postural support targeting the lumbar region for maximum support and comfort
      • Innovative Silent Partner Technology divides the mattress to mediate partner disturbance, ensuring uninterrupted sleep for both individuals
      • High-density foam encasing the mattress edges eases transitions in and out of bed.

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