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    Decorating your home with eclectic decor lets you personalize your space by establishing a stylish yet slightly mismatched aesthetic. Furnishings often showcase a unique combination of textures, colors and accents that pull from a variety of different design options. As such, this style is an excellent choice for those looking to create an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind look throughout their homes.

    While an eclectic layout may appear to be a random mix of various odds and ends, it's actually a curated combination of different design elements. Choosing the right colors, fabrics and finishes is the key to creating a balanced ensemble. Natural influences and organic motifs are a common staple of this design, so there're plenty of opportunities to incorporate plants and other refreshing accents.

    Many eclectic homes feature unexpected decor items in both old and new styles, so you can usually find a spot for all your favorite accessories. Place classic marble statuettes in the entryway beneath a retro-style chandelier. Mount a cottage-style mirror in the bathroom and establish an eclectic living room seating area using a vintage tufted sofa and potted plants atop contemporary accent tables.

    Rich, vibrant color palettes are one of the staples of this style. Use neutral shades as a base or to accentuate the jewel tones and metallic finishes within the space. Remember to select hues that work well together. For example, a floor lamp with a copper finish contrasts beautifully against a blue velvet couch while also complementing the orange tones of your papaya-colored toss pillows.

    When outfitting your living room, bedroom or home office with eclectic accents, feel free to use as much texture as you please. An acrylic vanity stool with a faux fur seat complements the smooth feel of cotton sheets while contrasting with the texture of a wicker headboard. To soften up the space, incorporate throw pillows and use fluffy rugs beneath your metal nightstands and wood bed frame.

    In eclectic design, the beauty is in the details. Each unique pattern, glowing gold finish or colorful, upholstered piece makes a stunning backdrop for your favorite trinkets and accessories. Perfecting this look throughout your home takes some planning and creativity, but our selection of eclectic furniture and decor can help you get started.

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