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    Flared style furniture offers a unique look to chairs, tables and sofas. In these designs, certain elements have subtle or distinctive curves that give seating and accents an expansive silhouette and unique visual appeal. Flared furniture styles are perfect for cozy living rooms and elegant dining rooms alike.

    A sofa or loveseat with flared arms is the perfect foundation for a chic living room. Contemporary couches with gently curving arms offer a roomy, inviting vibe within an elegant frame. Meanwhile, traditional sofas with flared arms combine classic tailored upholstery with a modern silhouette.

    Swivel chairs featuring flared arms have the same cozy appeal. Platinum beige, gray or brown swivel seats with angled arms balance sophistication with a cozy, spacious frame ideal for curling up with your favorite novel and a cup of tea. The slightly wider cushion adds to the effect, giving you the look of an oversized chair within a streamlined design.

    Flared legs on dining room chairs, benches and ottomans can have a slightly different visual effect. Dining chairs with slim, outwardly curved legs add a graceful element to your room design. The subtle C-shape formed by flared arms and legs on a bench in the bedroom can also provide subtle contrast against the straight lines and edges of a bed frame.

    Whether you choose a retro orange swivel chair or a sleek modern table with a flared chrome base, this style gives furniture and accents a distinctive look that elevates any layout. Consider flared style furnishings in different materials, like metal or dark wood, with finishes in neutral white, black or gray, or opt for decor and furniture in hues that coordinate with your room design and color palette.

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