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    How to Design a Tranquil Outdoor Relaxation Spot

    For many people, a patio is a place to shake off the stresses of the day and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine after spending long hours indoors. While simply sitting outside, feeling the breeze and taking in the scenery might be enough to relax you, the right furniture and decor can give your porch, deck or terrace the ultimate boost, transforming it into the perfect at-home vacation spot.


    Want to elevate your patio from a casual open-air hangout to a stunning backyard getaway? Check out this post to discover decorating tips and suggestions on:

    Rialto Brown Outdoor Chaise with Aqua Cushions, Set of 2

    After a long day, an outdoor oasis provides a welcome escape from the stresses of your daily routine.

    Considering Your Patio's Primary Purpose

    Before you start buying the most lounge-worthy patio furniture you can find, it's important to think about how you're going to use the space. Will you be hosting fun parties and backyard barbecues for friends and family? Or do you intend to enjoy quiet alone time on the porch after a busy day? Your answer can help you decide what pieces you need to create the outdoor ambiance you're going for.

    Once you figure out the purpose of your outdoor oasis, create a patio layout plan to ensure practical furniture placement. For example, if you like having al fresco meals, designate a spot close to your back door so there'll be fewer steps from the kitchen to your outdoor dining table. Plan to put tanning chairs in the sunniest part of the yard and reserve a shaded area for outdoor naps in your hammock.

    Wood platform sectional sofa with beige cushions next to a wall

    Choose an outdoor oasis theme and layout that ensures fun, relaxing leisure time.

    Best Furniture Materials for an Outdoor Oasis

    Selecting the right patio furniture materials is an essential part of promoting a relaxing atmosphere for your outdoor oasis. Woven wicker or rattan furniture is an excellent option if you're going for a tranquil beach theme on your terrace. Looking to evoke a charming, cozy vibe on your rustic-style deck? Natural wood or finished teak pieces might be a better choice.

    If you prefer to give your layout an air of upscale elegance, stick to sleek metal or aluminum furnishings with heavy steel construction and elaborate wrought iron scroll designs. Whatever pieces you pick, remember to select the right outdoor furniture materials for your climate so your outdoor oasis can retain its comfortable feel and stylish look over time.

    Rialto brown curved wicker sectional with blue cushions

    Choosing the right furniture materials lets you promote a stylish look and a refreshing atmosphere for your outdoor oasis.

    Furnishing Your Outdoor Oasis

    Now, it's time to select the appropriate pieces to suit your patio's purpose, as well as your design vision. As you shop for your patio furniture, keep in mind that modular and multipurpose items are an excellent choice if you want to use your deck, balcony or breezeway for several different purposes. Consider some of the following furniture options for your outdoor oasis.

    Creating a Relaxing Outdoor Lounge Area

    If you want your patio to be a refuge from the stressful, mundane aspects of your daily routine, start by adding lounge-worthy furniture to the layout. A chaise or daybed gives you a spot to stretch out and let your troubles melt away. Meanwhile, seats with moving mechanisms like recliners, rockers, glider chairs and benches and lounge seats with swivel bases provide soothing motion to help you relax.

    White chaise lounges next to a pool

    Kick back and relax in a poolside chaise lounge.

    Seating for Your Outdoor Oasis

    Planning to invite loved ones over to experience your backyard staycation spot? Establish a cozy outdoor seating area where everyone can gather around and enjoy each other's company. Place a six-piece conversation set in the center of the space so you'll have plenty of room to serve refreshments and chat with your guests.

    A plush patio sofa or sectional set with a wide, round coffee table is an excellent addition to your outdoor oasis, especially if you want to host outdoor game nights for the family. Or, you can place a side table between a pair of cushy club chairs to give you and your partner a quiet spot to watch the sunrise as you sip your morning coffee each day.

    Catalina Natural 5 Pc Outdoor Chat Seating Set

    Set up comfortable seating and invite others to enjoy your outdoor oasis with you.

    Dining in Your Patio Paradise

    An outdoor dining set is essential if you plan on using your oasis for starlit dinner parties or family meals under the sun. Set up a three-piece round dining arrangement to create an intimate setup for backyard dinners. If you plan to host family potlucks or cookouts with your neighbors, choose dining chairs and an extension table to provide elbow room for everyone.

    Compact bar and bistro sets let you turn a small patio into a relaxing getaway. Add a tall bar table and a set of stools to your high rise balcony and invite colleagues over for an at-home happy hour at the end of the work week. Or, enjoy brunch with your friends on your apartment patio using a square bistro set.

    Windy Isle 5 piece dining set

    Select a dining set that allows you and your guests to enjoy cocktails and delicious meals in your outdoor oasis.

    Decorative Accents for an Outdoor Oasis

    Once all the larger furniture is in place, you can make your patio more inviting and relaxing by adding stylish, cozy accents to the layout. Along with garden sculptures, wall decor and planters full of colorful blooms, you can use some of the following furnishings and fixtures to take your outdoor oasis to the next level:

    • Extras for Entertaining: When guests come over for events on your patio, automated features like a sound system or media station help you provide music and movies to set the mood for the space. For an extra practical touch, add bar carts with storage shelves and coolers full of ice so partiers can assemble their own cocktails.
    • Storage Solutions: Outdoor storage chests, benches and chairs are another smart addition, helping you keep your patio organized and clutter-free. Use them to hold pool house decor and toys until you need them. Or, stow throw blankets in these compartments so you can enjoy your outdoor oasis on chillier evenings.
    • Ambient Lighting: Create a soft, soothing glow throughout your tranquil setup using various outdoor light fixtures. Hang a string of twinkling lights or solar lanterns in the backyard to illuminate the lawn during late-night get-togethers. Install a chandelier or pendant lamp for a traditional look on an enclosed patio.
    • Soft Accessories: Make your patio paradise extra cozy by incorporating items with soft outdoor fabrics and materials. Add plush toss pillows and seat cushions to the sofas, loveseats, chairs and sectionals in your outdoor oasis. Roll out a few high-pile rugs so you can enjoy the fluffy texture beneath your feet as you take leisurely, barefoot strolls through your relaxing layout.
    • Cool Things Down: A patio umbrella, pergola or gazebo is essential if you want to block the rays that heat up your sunny back deck while you lounge outside. You might also consider using outdoor shade options like tall wind blockers, privacy screens, shade sails and plant walls.
    • Heat Things Up: On the flipside, a patio heater can enhance the warm and cozy vibe of your outdoor oasis. Want to establish a gorgeous focal point that will dazzle your guests? Set up a fire pit or tabletop fireplace with glittering fire glass.
    White and blue patio seating set with fire table

    Use comfy and chic accents to put the finishing touches on your outdoor oasis.

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