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    How to Choose Patio Furniture to Fit Your Climate

    photo of brown wicker patio sectional and table set

    Many people ask, “What is the first thing you should consider when selecting patio furniture?” and the answer is always climate. Although your outdoor theme and style preferences also play an important role, choosing outdoor furniture that works well in various weather conditions is essential if you intend to leave your furnishings outside during brisk fall nights and warm sunny days.

    With so many different materials and fabrics to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right options to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re searching for the best patio furniture for cold climates, desert environments or a mix of everything in between, this article can help you along the way.


    In this post, you'll find helpful information on how the following outdoor furniture materials and types are a good fit for different climates:

    Metal Patio Furniture

    Metal patio furniture is often a catch-all term for a few different material types, including steel and wrought iron. In addition to fitting nearly every decorative theme, these sleek, solid options are also the best patio furniture for humid climates. However ,the most popular metal furniture options across different climates, are aluminum and cast aluminum.

    Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Whether you're enjoying your patio on a sunny afternoon or a cold, wet evening, versatile aluminum patio furniture delivers. Protective finishes known to resist moisture often make aluminum seating and dining sets the best patio furniture for a rainy climate. At the same time, they tend to cool off quickly after sitting in the sun, so they might also be the best patio furniture for a desert climate.

    photo of white aluminum patio dining set with blue chairs

    Aluminum dining sets make it easy to relax and enjoy a meal with friends and family, come rain or shine.

    Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

    Similarly, cast aluminum patio furniture is a flexible option for outdoor layouts. While still lightweight, this material is often heavier than aluminum, so it's a smart choice for windy climates. If your cast aluminum conversation set or bar set still moves around on a breezy day, consider adding a convenient wind blocker to your layout.

    For those wondering, "Does cast aluminum get hot in the sun?" most cast aluminum furniture is solid and retains heat much longer than aluminum. If you live in a warmer climate, add a patio umbrella or outdoor canopy above these furnishings to shield them from intense sunshine. Or, choose cast aluminum furniture with outdoor cushions and teak arms that might absorb a bit of the extra heat.

    photo of gray cast aluminum outdoor seating set

    Cast aluminum seating sets with cozy cushions and wood arms are a practical and eye-catching addition to your sunny patio.

    Teak Patio Furniture

    Known to be moisture-resistant and able to stand up to direct sunlight, teak patio furniture is a popular choice for those living in both wet and dry climates. Teak is also a natural complement to tropical themes and layouts with breezy coastal vibes. Soak up the sun poolside on a set of teak Adirondack chairs, or enjoy a meal for two on a cool fall day with a teak bistro set.

    photo of teak three piece patio sectional with gray cushions

    Natural teak furniture is an easy choice for humid climates and laid-back beach themes.

    Wicker Patio Furniture

    If your region experiences a steady mix of sun, rain and cold weather, consider adding wicker patio furniture to your layout. Even if you're soaking up the sun on a wicker chaise lounge one day and warming up near a toasty wicker fire pit on the day after, this woven material offers the versatility you need in unpredictable, temperate climates.

    In some cases, these outdoor furnishings might have an aluminum frame and a resin coating that mimics the look of natural woven wicker. While similar in appearance in nearly every way, resin wicker may also have additional water-resistant qualities that make it the best patio furniture for wet climates.

    photo of four wicker patio club chairs around a wicker fire pit

    Make the most of those crisp fall evenings and cool summer nights with a wicker fire pit.

    Patio Accessories & Decor

    Once you decide on the right patio furniture for your climate, it's time to accent your outdoor oasis with decor and accessories. Much like your choice of furniture, decorative accents come in a wide range of materials and styles to choose from. As always, select pieces that can stand up to the demands of your specific climate.

    Outdoor Pillows

    Plush outdoor pillows soften up outdoor sofas and cozy patio daybeds and are a suitable decorative option for almost any climate. For example, Sunbrella pillows can be an excellent addition to your chic setup whether you live in a sunny or rainy region. Best of all, outdoor pillows come in various colors, prints and patterns to complement everything from traditional themes to coastal designs.

    photo of metal outdoor sectional with pillows

    Give your patio seating set a chic and practical boost by choosing the right outdoor pillows for your climate.

    Outdoor Storage

    Keep your deck or patio neat and tidy using a wicker or cast aluminum outdoor storage box. Ideal for stowing pool toys, furniture covers and outdoor pillows, these functional bins are right at home in wet and dry climates alike. Add one of these outdoor chests to your pool house decor for practical storage or use a storage bench that can double as convenient seating on your porch.

    Wherever you live, you can find patio furniture sets, outdoor light fixtures, table umbrellas and rugs that are suitable for your climate, so long as you know what to look for. Before bringing these pieces home, use the information from this post to make sure their materials, frames and fabrics work well in your rainy, sunny or windy region.

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