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    How to Decorate Outdoor Spaces Using Blue and White

    White and blue patio seating set with fire table

    How to Decorate Outdoor Spaces Using Blue and White

    Combining vibrant blue tones with stunning shades of white is a gorgeous way to revitalize your patio layout. Along with complementing a variety of different design styles, a white and blue palette can bring a fabulous, refreshing vibe to your terrace, deck or porch. Want to give this breathtaking color scheme a try? Check out this post for suggestions on using blue and white outdoor decor.


    In this article, you'll discover chic and practical decorating tips that involve:

    Gray seating set with blue and white cushions

    Give your patio design a beautiful boost using blue and white outdoor furnishings.

    Blue & White Outdoor Seating Ideas

    Since these two colors pair so well with one another, it's fairly easy to find sofas, sectionals, chaises and complete furniture sets featuring blue and white cushions. Even if you prefer an all-blue or all-white seating arrangement, you can accent it with throw blankets and toss pillows in the opposite hue to give your layout a bold and beautiful look.

    Sofa Sets

    If you want to create the look of a classic seating area, start by choosing a blue or white sofa to serve as a patio centerpiece. From there, you can add a pair of navy arm chairs or an off-white love seat and lounge chair with cushions that coordinate with your couch. Place a cream-colored coffee table in the middle of the setup or frame your sofa with sky blue side tables to tie the look together.

    white frame sofa with blue cushions

    White couch frames with blue pillows are perfect for blue and white outdoor seating areas.


    A roomy white or blue sectional is a practical option for those who need expansive outdoor seating. Since these curved, L-shaped and U-shaped seats can usually accommodate more people than a typical sofa, you might only need to add a single cerulean or snow-white ottoman for a colorful complement.

    Need more seats for backyard parties with the whole family? Consider setting up outdoor benches in shades of indigo and ivory. You can also incorporate a cobalt blue rocking chair, pearl white glider seat or a few white and blue swivel-based chairs that provide soothing motion for guests as they enjoy your beautiful patio setup.

    Brown 3 pc outdoor sectional with aqua cushions and firepit table

    A blue or white sectional can complement almost any aesthetic, including modern, rustic or coastal.

    White & Blue Outdoor Dining Furniture

    Sophisticated white and laidback blue is a perfect color combo for both formal and casual meals on the patio. Use a white dining set to reflect natural light and brighten up your covered terrace or enclosed patio. If you're furnishing a sunny back deck or balcony, set up a striking sapphire blue table to tone down the layout.

    When selecting dining chairs for your blue and white setup, you can create a cohesive look by surrounding your white table with white chairs and bar stools. Or, if you have a blue dining table, you can accent it with blue dining seats and benches. However, adding blue chairs to a white table or vice versa is a chic way to give your outdoor dining spot a dose of unique, eye-catching appeal.

    Light gray dining set with blue cushions

    Mix and match white and blue chairs with white or blue seat cushions to bring style and softness to your al fresco dining area.

    Blue & White Outdoor Decor

    Even if you already have an established color palette for your deck, porch, patio or pool house design, you can spruce up the space with a few blue and white accent pieces. Consider adding some of the following white and blue fixtures to your outdoor hangout spot to refresh your current color scheme:

    • Patio Rugs: Along with making an excellent foundation for your seating or dining set, a blue or white rug is the perfect statement-making item to show off your bold color scheme. If you want to truly dazzle your guests with this stunning color choice, roll out a white and blue rug with a gorgeous floral, stripe or abstract pattern.
    • Outdoor Accent Seats: Place a pair of white chaise lounges beside the pool to create a bright and breezy tanning spot. Or, choose teal chaises that mimic the look of the crystal blue water. You might also consider setting up blue or white Adirondack chairs in your backyard around the fire pit or tucking a blue club chair into the corner of your porch to establish a cozy reading nook.
    • Backyard Light Fixtures: Bathe your patio layout in a soft glow using beautiful blue and white outdoor lanterns. For a subtler approach, hang a blue stained glass suncatcher from the rafters of your gazebo or pergola to cast glittering beams of light across the space.
    • Throw Pillows and Cushions: Whether you have metal, wood, wicker or plastic patio furniture, you can accent it with blue and white cushions and pillows for a pop of color and a touch of softness. Again, look for items with both blue and white designs to help this beautiful palette stand out.
    • Other Accessories: Finally, tie your layout together using white and blue accessories. Top your dining and side tables with blue or white vases and serving trays. Put aqua blue or alabaster planters in your garden and cover your seating arrangement with a white or blue cantilever umbrella. You can even add blue fire glass to your white fire pit for a stunning finishing touch.
    Denim Blue 8x11 patio rug

    Incorporate blue and white accents into your existing layout to give the space a bright and breezy look.

    A versatile blue and white color palette can be sophisticated and upscale or fun and festive, making it excellent for lively outdoor get-togethers and quiet relaxation sessions. Whatever stylish look and cozy atmosphere you're going for, this bold and balanced color pairing can set the perfect mood for your space.

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