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    Searching for patio ideas that are fun, functional, and a little far out? Consider outfitting your backyard with retro outdoor furniture. These stylish throwbacks reference decor from the 1950s to the 1980s with a modern twist. Whether you're feeling nostalgic or just need a striking addition to your patio, retro is the way to go.

    5 pc patio dining set with blue chairs Dining Set with Retro Style Chairs

    Creating a fashionable blast from the past is easier than ever. While you can certainly scour flea markets and antique stores for the perfect piece, high-quality reproductions are readily available. Follow along as we guide you through the essentials, so you can capture the essence of all things retro.

    Aspects of Retro Outdoor Furniture


    Personality is key when it comes to choosing retro patio furniture. A combination of whimsical shapes and bold, vibrant hues are hallmarks of these vintage pieces. Keep an eye out for furnishings that demand your attention. If they're bold, bright, and big on vintage charm, chances are you've found a suitable option.


    Since retro design spans a range of decades, your color palette choices are almost endless. Standouts like the primary colors red, yellow, and blue add flashy, eye-catching appeal. However, earth tones such as avocado green and harvest gold were especially popular in the 1970s. These muted colors are well-suited for the outdoors, as they complement everything from terracotta planters to russet brown light fixtures.

    Black Indoor/Outdoor LanternRetro Hanging Light


    When deciding what retro deck furniture to add to the backyard, consider a few iconic features of the era. Armchairs, loveseats, and rockers with tapered or scalloped backs are staples of vintage decor. Use pieces with flared legs and boxy frames as another callback. Finally, top it all off with a small, round dining table for intimate dinners or drinks with friends.

    Patterns and Textures

    Following the trend of a bright and flashy aesthetic, retro outdoor furniture makes excellent use of patterns that draw the eye. Bold geometric shapes, paisley prints, and tie-dye motifs add authenticity to any outside decor. In your retro patio design, upholstered sofas and padded chaise lounges are more than just comfy seats. They're the perfect canvas for taking your look even further.

    Blue Indoor/Outdoor Patio Pillows Decorative Outdoor Pillows


    Choosing retro patio furniture that lasts is essential to establishing your look. From dining tables to poolside chairs, materials like aluminum and wrought iron ensure lasting comfort and quality. Durable, brightly colored resin chairs are another go-to for retro spaces. Most importantly, you'll need pieces that are water and fade-resistant to preserve your old-is-new look for years to come.

    Looking to the Past for Inspiration

    Retro is back in a big way, and enhancing your outdoor space with this stunning theme is simple. From its lively color palette to its irresistible spirit, this fashion-centric period offers a wealth of style options to draw from. Decorating with retro patio furniture is an exciting way to move your design forward by using the enduring trends of the past.

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