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    Luxurious materials and advanced technology make Casper mattresses an excellent option for any sleeper. Whether you like to sink into softness as you drift off into slumber, prefer an inbetween medium firm option, or need a firmer, supportive surface to rest comfortably, this brand offers plenty of versatile mattress models to choose from. Shop Rooms To Go to discover a premium Caser mattress to suit your sleep style.

    Size Options

    Our selection of Casper mattresses includes a range of sizes for the whole family. Furnish your primary bedroom with a roomy king mattress. Choose a queen-sized option for the guest room or use it in your own bedroom if you like to snuggle up with your partner. You can also find a full Casper mattress for your tall teen and narrow twin-size models that your toddlers can grow into.

    Custom Comfort

    With various designs available including adjustable sets, it's easy to find a Casper mattress to suit your personal comfort level. Experience the cooling, adaptive fibers of an original Casper mattress. Or, consider an original hybrid model for a combination of traditional spring support and memory foam softness. For the ultimate soft sleep surface, try a Casper Nova hybrid mattress' firm base and snuggle-worthy top layer.

    Between the solid foundation on the bottom and the cloud-like cushioning on top, the brand's trademark AirScape technology makes Casper mattresses the perfect breathable option for those who sleep hot. A perforated foam core increases airflow to dissipate heat, keeping you cool and cozy on warm nights.

    Convenient Design for Quick Set Up

    Bringing home and setting up a Casper mattress can be a breeze if you select the brand's mattress-in-a-box option. Thanks to the compact configuration, you can easily navigate the halls and walkways of your home to get the mattress from your doorstep to your bedroom. Once you're there, simply remove the packaging and let your Casper mattress expand to its full shape.

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