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Frequently Asked Questions About Purple

Purple products do not contain memory foam or latex. Purple relies on its patented Polymer Grid to provide outstanding pressure relief.

Purple’s coil system consists of individually wrapped support coils, providing superior pressure relief and motion isolation. They are also quiet, reducing any potential noise.

You may want to take your sleeping position into consideration as you choose a mattress. Many side sleepers enjoy the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 models as they allow your pressure points to be cradled throughout the night. However, you will sleep comfortably on any Purple mattress model!

Purple’s patented material, also known as the Smart Comfort Grid, should not break down over time. To lengthen the bed’s lifetime, the Purple Grid distributes weight evenly. The polyurethane foam within these beds could have a ten-year lifespan. Purple also offers a 10-year limited warranty to ensure many nights of great sleep.

The Purple Grid cradles your pressure points, such as hips and shoulders, while supporting your back and neck. Your body may not be used to this level of spinal support, but it will adjust and have you feeling better than ever! Typically, a period of 30 nights is recommended to fully adjust.