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    built to last

    We know that being your best starts with sleeping your best, and that's why we've spent decades supporting you. Developed with the  help of orthopedic specialists, our exclusive technique reinforces the center-third of the mattress to provide extra support where you need it most—your back and your core.

    built to last

    When you sleep on a Sealy®, you can be confident that it's built to last. We use a combination of ultra-responsive coils, feel-good memory foams, and cool-to-the-touch technology all engineered beyond industry standards to make sure they'll stand the test of time. It's next-level support and all-over comfort, backed by quality you can trust.

    built to last

    We've been devoted to improving the way America sleeps.  It's all we do.  All we've ever done.  From developing our targeted Posturepedic® support with orthopedic specialists in the 1950s to partnering with sleep and health experts today—we're constantly evolving, constantly seeking new ways to support you and yours.  Because we know that better nights mean better days and better lives.  And that's a mission worth working for.

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    A trusted name in sleep innovation, Sealy produces mattresses in several styles to fit the desires of any Rooms To Go customer. Through patented technology, the mattress coil design renders sleep surfaces firmer on the bottom and softer on top.

    Sealy innerspring mattresses provide much needed, good support to leave customers feeling well rested, while also ensuring the sleep surface eases individuals into slumber.

    All lines are available in adjustable sets, pull out sleeper mattresses, as well as mattress only in the following sizes:

    Shop Sealy mattress sets in sizes like:

    Sealy beds utilize a number of gel infused foams, memory foam, pillow top cushions, and other plush/soft, firm or extra firm advanced materials to meet diverse sleep needs.

    Various Sealy mattresses, including the Posturepedic line, also may feature technologies which reduce motion transfer and regulate sleep surface temperature. Come find the ideal balance of comfort and support in a new Sealy mattress.

    You will find the best prices in comparison to other sites with regular specials on Sealy beds and foundations online at Rooms To Go.

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