While support and stability matter most to some, plush mattresses offer near-weightless sleeping experiences to those looking for ultra-soft cushioning.

Our mattresses conform to your body and create a pillow-like feel of comfort from head to toe. Shop plush adjustable mattresses for more personalized comfort.

Some feature soft memory foams and double-coiled springs to cushion each contact point of the body and give appropriately to produce inviting, warmly enveloped feelings as you drift off to sleep.

Not only do our plush mattress options conform to the body, they also conform to the bedroom, as customers may choose from selections of twin, full, king and queen mattress sizes. Or shop for plush full, twin, king and queen mattress sets.

Peruse through the Rooms To Go online catalog to find a plush mattress suited for not only your tastes but your wallet and your sense of relaxation, too.