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    Available in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, colors and finishes, twin or full kids trundle beds are ideal for shared spaces and small bedrooms. Choose a storage drawer so your child has extra room for sports gear, toys or seasonal clothing. Alternatively, select a trundle mattress to make preparing for sleepovers a breeze.

    Chic Style

    Get maximum storage space with bookcase beds that give kids plenty of room to organize their books, photos and collectibles. Or, opt for a cozy tufted upholstered daybed that saves space while offering sofa-like seating when your child's pals come over for game night or a sleepover.

    Whether you choose an ornate princess-themed frame or a no-frills design with sleek curves, poster and sleigh beds add an elegant touch to any teen or tween room. In traditional layouts, a kids trundle bed with a panel frame coordinates seamlessly with classic wooden dressers and nightstands.

    Enhance your Color Palette

    Bringing a new kids trundle bed into your child's room gives you the opportunity to change or boost their palette. Create a monochrome layout by pairing black or white frames with furniture in lighter or darker shades. Or, opt for a balanced color scheme with a warm pink or cherry bed surrounded by cool blue or gray hues.

    For those in favor of earthy hues, consider gray, silver or brown beds to coordinate with various shades of green or beige. Once you complete your son or daughter's room with a kids trundle bed, look for bedding, rugs and lamps that complement the frame's color or finish.

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