Our Collection: Artfully accentuate your kid's room with a chest of drawers from our wide-ranging selection at Rooms To Go. With plenty of color schemes including black, white and bright colors, as well style options to pick from, finding the right fit is just a matter of making up your mind. Our kids room chests range in design from chic and contemporary to classic and traditional. We also offer in-between styles that blend quality materials with the high hopes you have for your child's room. Most hold anywhere from three to six drawers outfitted with stylish hardware for that easy-to-open feature every chest should have.

Materials: Over time, bedroom furniture often becomes marred by unsightly nicks and scratches. But the hardwood solids our chests are made from effectively resists damage from roughhousing and other destructive activities that traditionally appeal to rambunctious youngsters. Select models come with dust-proof and felt-lined drawers to provide further protection for the contents they hold. More than just durable and sturdy, our chests feature a variety of light and dark wood tones and finishes that turn each piece from something expected into something exceptional.

The Right Fit: Getting the right bedroom chest is easy when you choose from our broad collection. Our chests are appropriately spacious and suitably stylish for children of any age, from toddlers to teens. The larger chests in our collection offer maximum storage for kids with numerous possessions or siblings who share bedroom space and furniture, while our smaller ones help maximize the floor space of undersized rooms. Save room by using the surface of the chest as a place to set common bedroom items, like a TV. No matter how you use it, a quality chest of drawers from Rooms To Go always finds its mark.