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Kids and Teens Chest of Drawers

Whether you need a small dresser to coordinate with your daughter's princess bedroom or a tall slim chest to save space in a shared room, Rooms To Go has a vast collection of chests of drawers for kids and teens. Browse the selection to find different designs, sizes, colors and finishes to complement your child's bedroom.

Decor & Design

When you're considering a chest of drawers for a kids room, you'll want one with a design that coordinates seamlessly with their existing furniture. If your child's bedroom has a contemporary vibe, look for dressers with oversized pulls, gentle curves and clean lines.

For whimsical fairytale or princess bedrooms, Disney chests offer charming details as well as ample storage space. If your tween's room has a more glam approach, Sofia Vergara chests with mirrored accents capture the same aesthetic.

Size & Space

If you need a kids chest of drawers for more storage, but their room has limited square footage, opt for child and teen chests to save space. A chest of drawers for kids has a slimmer profile than a standard dresser, and tall chests take advantage of vertical space, so rooms don't feel cramped or crowded.

Colors & Finishes

Chests of drawers for kids rooms come in a variety of cheerful hues and finishes to coordinate with their color scheme. Look for chests with drawers in different earthy hues for boys bedrooms, or opt for a white frame with pastel drawers for a girls layout.

For rustic or traditional rooms, consider dark or light wood chests with weathered finishes. Or, simply choose hues that complement your child's current palette. Neutral tones like gray, black, tan or white work with any wall or furniture color, so they'll always coordinate with your tween or teen's ever-changing style.