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    Kids Headboards

    Looking for the right headboard to complement your little one's kids mattress and bedframe? Rooms To Go offers upholstered kids headboards to bring style and comfort to your child's bedroom. Eye-catching and cozy, headboards allow you to transform a blank wall and a simple bedframe into a functional, decorative work of art that enhances your child's room.

    Choose Your Headboard Size

    A kids theme twin headboard is a smart choice for a child's room. These lightweight pieces make it easy to restyle a refreshing new layout or boost their color palette. A twin headboard's dimensions are ideal for shared bedrooms or to accent a twin XL frame in the guest room.

    When the time is right, upgrade your child's room with a bigger bed and coordinated full kids headboard. The expansive design makes them perfect for growing tweens and teens. Choose a full headboard when your child moves to a larger room or if your high schooler wants a more grown-up look for their favorite hangout.

    Stylish Silhouettes

    Kids headboards come in a variety of decor styles and shapes that deliver a charming touch to your little one's room. Upholstered panels provide a clean, modern look. Meanwhile, chic, subtly arched headboards have a more traditional feel. Want the best of both? Accommodate your tween's evolving sense of style with a transitional wingback headboard that blends classic and contemporary design.

    Colors and Patterns

    Once you've chosen the size and shape of your kids headboard, it's time to look for a fun, colorful design. Young children love the cheerful look of a bright checkered or rainbow pattern, while floral prints or neutral shades with elegant nailhead trim are a stylish choice for a teenager. Explore the Rooms To Go collection to find tones and motifs to suit your child's room and personality.

    Functional Features

    Along with bringing an artistic focal point to a room, kids headboards are a practical addition to your child's space. They act as a barrier, preventing pillows from falling to the floor and keeping bedframes from scuffing painted walls. Headboards also prop up pillows and stuffed animals, giving kids a snugly place to read before bed.

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