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    A hall tree is an essential part of an organized entryway. A coat rack can keep kids' backpacks and sneakers neat and tidy, provide a place to store your purse, umbrella or jacket and offer guests a place to remove their shoes when they visit. With models for small spaces and large foyers alike, hall trees come in a variety of styles, colors and designs to suit your home.

    Hall Tree Styles and Colors

    While practical, coat racks are also stylish accents that blend in easily with your home decor. For rustic or industrial spaces, look for light or dark wood and black metal hall trees to coordinate with your aesthetic. If your interiors lean more farmhouse or cottage in design, opt for a coat rack with a gray woodgrain finish and plank details to complement your existing furniture.

    If your entryway is on the smaller side, consider going for a slim, streamlined hall tree to save space or boost your minimalist vibe. Love the mid-century modern look? Browse for solid wood coat racks with clean lines and angled legs. In a contemporary living room entryway, a neutral gray and black mixed-material hall tree works with any color scheme.

    Coat Racks and Hall Trees: Functional Features

    Coordinating with your furniture and decor is only part of choosing a new hall tree. Browse for coat racks that give you all the design elements you need to organize your outerwear and store your guests' accessories. Common hall tree features include:

    • Wall Anchors: Standard on most hall trees, wall anchors prevent tipping and allow you to hang heavier items like leather jackets and school backpacks.
    • Hooks: Coat racks can offer anywhere from 3 to 9 hooks, including two or three-prong sets that let you hang several items at once. Also, look for hall trees with mid-level hooks for kids' jackets, briefcases or book bags. In general, it's better to opt for more hooks to avoid an overcrowded hall tree.
    • Seats: If you want to encourage your family and guests to remove their shoes before entering your home, offer them a seat. Hall trees with upholstered benches or single seats offer a convenient spot to pull off boots or untie sneakers.
    • Shelves: Coat racks with built-in shelves give you more space to store the things you need before leaving the house. Hall trees with shelves are smart personal organization tools, too. Use a shelf or two to set out your laptop, project files and keys in the evening so you won't forget important items when you head out to work the next day.
    • Drawers and Cabinets: Keep gloves, umbrellas and hats tidy and tucked away with roomy drawers, or opt for cubbies with sliding or hinged doors to store shoes and boots out of sight.
    • Useful Extras: When browsing for your new hall tree, keep an eye out for clever additions that make life easier. Extras like removable umbrella trays let your wet weather gear dry without damaging your floors.

    Shopping for a new hall tree for your home is a breeze when you focus on your style and storage needs. Consider how many hooks you'll need for your family and guests, then look for convenient features that offer easy access to outerwear and other essentials in your foyer, mudroom or entryway.

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