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    Entryway Ideas for Small Spaces

    A foyer establishes the first and last impressions of a home. It's a place to welcome guests and organize all your odds and ends. But what if space near the door is limited? Small entryways pose a design challenge that's easy to overcome with a few simple tricks. To keep this important throughway chic and clear of clutter, try out our small front entrance decorating ideas.

    Lighting the Doorway

    Tips for Tall Foyers

    If your small entryway has limited floor space but high ceilings, hang a chandelier. A hanging foyer light will draw the eye up and emphasize the volume of the room. Since it will serve as a focal point, pick a model that captures your style and hints at your home's decor aesthetic. A scrolling metal chandelier adds reflected light and casual elegance, while a shaded version affords a more contemporary look.

    Short on Space?

    If ceilings are low, track lighting saves headroom and evokes a clean, modern vibe. Sconces mounted to the wall decrease the need for floor lamps or lights on entryway tables. Using these fixtures keeps your small entryway open, well lit, and uncluttered.

    Using the Walls


    To save square footage on the ground, using wall space for storage is a good idea for small foyers. Entryway organizers are practical, and they can be stylish, too. Choose pieces that fit your home's decor theme and match your lighting, artwork, and foyer furniture to get a cohesive look.

    For a minimal, modern space, install a shelf or bookcase with clean lines and decorate it with cute trays for your mail and keys. Prefer a classic feel? A richly finished hall tree brings vintage charm and functionality to your foyer. On the other hand, a rugged, wall-mounted coat rack made of distressed wood will look right at home in a rustic setting.


    Choosing items that can easily hang on the wall, rather than a standing mirror or floor planter, conserves space in small entryways. To use the area around your front door most efficiently, you'll want to save precious square footage for some foyer furniture.

    Wall decor can take a variety of forms, so pick what suits your tastes. A mounted mirror reflects light and creates the illusion of a larger room. It also offers a spot for some last minute primping. Large decorative items like wall sculptures also make a statement and impress visitors as they walk through the door.

    Selecting the Right Furnishings

    Compact and Versatile

    For a small foyer, ideas for furniture should remain conservative. Floor space is at a premium, so go for a small entryway table with a minimal footprint. A simple bench is easy to move and lends your doorway some hospitable charm.

    Height can also be a factor in picking foyer furniture. Low-profile pieces, such as a small stool, serve as a place to quickly set your belongings when your hands are full or you’re in a hurry. On the other hand, a small entryway table with long legs provides plenty of room underneath to slide in wicker totes for shoes or bags.

    Expansive Storage

    Entryway furniture with built-in storage is another great option. Keep outdoor gear, umbrellas, and pet leashes inside the cabinets of a foyer hutch. Alternately, choose a spacious console entryway table with plenty of drawers for anything you want to tuck out of sight when guests arrive.

    Cozy Underfoot

    Deciding what type of rug is right for your foyer often has to do with climate. Doormats and runners add color and comfort to an entryway, and they're also functional. Consider changing your rug seasonally.

    Bringing It All Together

    Finishing touches are the difference between a ho-hum foyer and one that's truly memorable. Interior decorators have all kinds of tricks to make small entryways appear inviting and exciting, many of which are easy to replicate in your own home. We've provided a few small foyer ideas to show attention to detail in your design.


    Adding greenery is a smart entryway idea for small spaces. Natural elements ease the transition from the indoors to the outside and bring life to compact quarters. Fill a corner with a tall plant, like a fiddle leaf fig tree or vase of dried reeds, to highlight high ceilings.

    For rooms with less height, pair some matching potted plants like topiaries or succulents on a small entryway table. Symmetry in decor, lighting, and furniture are thoughtful touches that suggest a well-curated home.

    Pattern and Color

    Wallpaper can add interest to small entryways. While plastering a big room with a wallpaper pattern may be a little much for contemporary tastes, a lively motif is perfect for an accent wall near the doorway. Leave the adjoining space a neutral hue and roll out a soft blue, floral wallpaper in the foyer for a French country look.

    Stark contrasts in tone create a big impact as well. Using a high-contrast color scheme, such as black and white, is perfect for an entryway. The visual drama of this pairing creates a strong first impression. However, it also prompts visitors to move quickly into living spaces with low-contrast palettes, which feel calmer and encourage the eye to rest and linger.

    Main Points to Keep in Mind

    The keys to a successful and stylish foyer are storage, open pathways for movement, and impactful focal points. Which pieces, styles, and tips you ultimately select are up to you. Just take note of the small entryway ideas that inspire you and get to work on creating a beautiful new foyer.

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