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87 Results


Looking for a unique and timeless way to light up a room? Check out the wall sconces at Rooms To Go. Available in a range of designs, colors and finishes, you can use these fixtures throughout your home for subtle lighting. Browse our wall sconce selection to find the perfect fit for your home decor.

Why Sconces?

Sconces have an array of unexpected design benefits. Wall-mounted lighting frees up tabletops and floor space that would otherwise hold standing and desk lamps. They also provide a soothing ambient glow that's less harsh than overhead options, plus they're more energy-efficient since they put out less light.

Stylish Fixtures

Our sconces come in a variety of styles to suit every taste. If you like the vintage vibe, try an ornate candelabra model with a distressed ivory and gold finish. For those who favor a modern look, opt for a wall sconce with a metal base and streamlined lampshade. On the other hand, a wrought-iron piece with a classic Edison bulb looks chic in an industrial space.

Complement Your Color Scheme

Rooms To Go also offers an assortment of color options. From clean and simple white to vivid red, our collection features plenty of shades to coordinate with your palette:

  • Bring sophistication to your home with black sconces. These pieces anchor your entire look, providing contrast with brighter hues and tying the whole design together.
  • Consider the rich and warm tones of brown and bronze sconces for a refined and inviting touch that balances more contemporary home decor.
  • Whether you prefer polished chrome and silver or deeper smoky shades, gray sconces inspire a calming yet distinguished atmosphere.
  • Yellow, golden and amber sconces are a smart choice for a bright, cheerful appeal that looks striking and feels luxurious.

Light Up Your Whole Home

When it comes to home decor, a sconce is a versatile choice. Place one on either side of your bed as an alternative to traditional bedside lamps. When you need the ideal lighting for movie night, try framing your entertainment stand with a couple of sconces. You can even brighten up your dark hallways by installing these fixtures along the walls.