Organization: Designed to save space in the bedroom, Rooms To Go boys bunk beds can make a shared room feel more comfortable while creating an area for additional, often built-in, amenities and accessories that help youngsters stay organized. Our beds offer a fun and unique sleeping arrangement as well as opportunities to add a desk or an area for entertainment underneath the elevated bed frame. Both designs frequently include storage and built-in dressers to make it easy for kids to keep the room neat and tidy. Choose from twin and full sizes for the perfect fit.

Productivity: We know how difficult it is for active young boys to sit down and concentrate on schoolwork, which is why many of our boys bunk beds include desks that function as designated study areas where kids can focus. Typically positioned at one end of the bunk bed, the desk can be incorporated into either type of design. Some of our boys bunk bed models even provide open shelving at the opposite end across from the desk, which aids young students in keeping books, calculators, school supplies, and other learning tools close by. Other selections feature desks that extend out of the side of the bed frame for a more open and spread-out setup conducive to studying available in white and metal finishes.

Entertainment: Climbing up steps to a top bunk is already fun, and some of our boys bunk bed arrangements only add to the excitement by offering additional features for entertainment. Younger kids may enjoy novel amenities like lower-level playhouses, tented tops, and even slides, while older teens may find that our bunk beds with futons provide comfortable and convenient seating for watching movies, playing videogames, or hosting sleepovers. Whatever the intended purpose, our boys bunk beds make any room an ideal place to sleep and play.

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