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Comfortable and Fun

Even kids need to sit down and take a load off every now and then. Give your child a luxuriously plush seat to sink into by selecting a bean bag chair from Rooms To Go. Ranging in shape from standard spheres to designs more reminiscent of traditional chairs, our selections are stuffed with body-cradling shredded foams and upholstered in skin-soothing Microsuede or cotton.

Color Choices

Bean bag chairs not only come in different shapes and sizes, but also nearly every color of the rainbow. Find primary colors, such as red, blue, green and orange or more muted colors to match any decor, like black or gray.

The Perfect Bean Bag Chair

Amenities like side storage pockets, elastic cup holders, and high-performance fabrics make our bean bag chairs functional and durable. The handles at the top allow for easy mobility so your child can lounge around the house with ease. Available as one- or two-seaters, our chairs give kids the perfect reason to relax in solitude or double up with friends.