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      Wickersham Beige Throw Pillow

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      The Wickersham beige throw pillow is a throwback to the vintage 50's and 60's optical illusion screen patterns seen on TV. This pillow will add a touch of individual fun art to you home decor. These handmade textural pieces of art are a great way to enliven your home decor. These pillows are delicately crafted in a traditional, rustic style and are made to give it an eye-catching look. This pillow is durable, as well as resilient, and will last for years to come. Featuring a hidden zipper closure and removable plush polyester insert, this pillow is designed for ultimate comfort. Requires only spot cleaning and ensures cleaning is quick and easy. Perfect as is, or it can be dressed up and layered with different textures, prints, or solids to elevate your room decor.

      Dimensions17w x 4d x 17h
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