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    Bring a vibrant and refreshing touch to your layouts using green 8x10 rugs from Rooms to Go. Roll out a grassy green rug on your little one's playroom floor to mimic the look of a sprawling meadow. To enhance the serene vibe of your guest room, consider using a soft, seafoam-colored option. You can also find a range of emerald, olive and mossy-green rugs to suit your needs.

    Looking to give your home an extra stylish boost? Bring home a patterned green 8x10 rug to tie your chic setup together. A rug with a gold, geometric print works beautifully in a sleek, contemporary space. Meanwhile, a floor mat featuring a swirling floral motif enhances the upscale appeal of a traditional design. If you have more eclectic tastes, consider a rug with a multi-colored, paint-splotch pattern.

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