Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating a small space may seem tricky, but done correctly, the room can look and feel larger than you ever imagined. Creating the perfect layout ultimately comes down to finding the right furniture for your home. Instead of getting overwhelmed by all of the choices ahead, follow our guide for the best small room design ideas.

Map It Out

Before making any decisions, get a feel for the space. Where is the best place for the bed? Maybe the corner so you can maximize your floorplan? Where do you want the couch? Near the window, perhaps, to capture the natural light? Remember, it's best to be familiar with the space before picking your pieces.



Choosing the Best Furniture for Small Spaces

Determining a few essential items is the first step to planning your layout. Think about what pieces are most important for your space to function effectively, then build from there. Here are a few examples of how to start:

Live it Up in the Living Room

Seating is probably the most important factor when selecting furniture for a small living room. There are a vast assortment of small sofas that work well in tight quarters. You may also want to consider a petite sectional that can accommodate more guests and nests snugly in the corner to open up your space. Also, home entertainment furniture help keep things organized and fashionable.

Small Dining Room Ideas

Many smaller homes completely lack a designated dining room, meaning that your kitchen or living room must do double duty. Make the most of this with small dining room furniture that has a minimal footprint but maximum functionality. Rather than piecing together your design, opt for small dining room sets so that chairs and stools fit seamlessly under the table between uses.

Designing a Balanced Bedroom

The right small bedroom furniture comes down to the basics. First and foremost, you'll need a spot to sleep. Beds for small rooms should have a streamlined silhouette and clean, simple lines, such as a low-profile platform style. You may also want to explore storage beds, which have spacious drawers for your wardrobe and linens.

Beyond the bed, you'll also need storage and a place to get ready each day. Ottomans are a wonderful way to get both. These space-efficient stools are just the right size to position at the foot of your bed or to tuck into a corner. Look for models with compartments where you can keep your essentials neat and out of sight.



Make the Most of Your Spare Room

If you're lucky enough to have an extra room, you may need it to be a multipurpose space. This presents a great opportunity to create a home office that can also serve as a guest room. This may be as simple as putting small bed across from your desk. Alternatively, a small couch with a built-in sleeper provides comfy seating as well as a bed for overnight visitors. Spare rooms are also great for kids, creating a perfect playroom opportunity.

Keep It Light

Whenever possible, avoid clunky pieces in favor of furnishings that have an airy, uncluttered quality. For example, a natural wood, counter-height dining table has an elevated top, allowing light to shine above and below it. The light color and open profile make this an ideal small space furniture option, balancing the visual weight of the room.

Another way to take advantage of light is to incorporate glass into your small room design. For example, since your coffee table typically sits in the center of your space, a glass-top helps opens the flow rather than splitting it up. In the same vein, add in a mirror or two for the illusion of depth and to reflect light.

Consider the Details

Fun with Fabric

An easy way to give your small space furniture a little more flair is to play around with textures and colors. Contrasting shades and fabrics stand out much more thanks to the limited space, so use this to your advantage. If you have a neutral beige chenille sofa, try adding some contrast by pairing it with a burgundy leather recliner. For small spaces, this duo can have a big impact.

Less Is More

When it comes to home decor and artwork, the same rules apply as above. A few well-placed pieces can have a huge effect on small areas such as entryways. Choose every addition wisely since real estate is at a premium. A pair of chic lamps and a bold canvas print may be all you need to take your space to the next level.

Embrace Your Space

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use furniture for small spaces efficiently and stylishly. Though the task may seem daunting, all it takes is a little innovation and planning to achieve the look you want. Just remember to take your time, create a plan and consider what pieces flawlessly combine form and function.