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    Choosing Bedding for Teens

    How to Choose Teen Boy and Girl Bedding

    During their teenage years, most kids move on from their love of cartoon prints and children’s bedroom decor to adopt a more grown-up fashion sense. Bedding for teen boys and girls should include colors, styles and patterns that convey this shift in maturity and showcase their unique personalities in comfortable materials that support healthy sleep.

    Teen Girl Bedding

    Pink is a popular color for girls’ comforters and bedroom decor. Bright pink teen bedding for your daughter’s room complements her bubbly personality, while soothing teal teen bedding expresses a reserved and laid-back attitude. White bedding for teens is another good choice that allows girls to style and embellish their bed with quilts and throw pillows in their favorite shades.

    Teenage Boy Bedding

    A lot of boys’ comforters and sheets come in cool and neutral shades to promote a relaxed atmosphere. Blue teen bedding evokes a calming vibe to help your son wind down at the end of the day, while refreshing green teen boy bedding offers an energetic boost perfect for early mornings. You can also choose full-size gray teen bedding or black and white teen bedding for a simple, balanced look.

    Teen Bedspread Styles: Patterns and Themes for Teen Bedrooms

    Whether your teen is a boy or girl, their bedding should reflect their unique sense of style. Consider your children’s interests and hobbies as well as the characteristics and quirks that make them special. Use these traits as inspiration to find eye-catching teen bedding sets with prints and patterns your son or daughter will love.

    Contemporary Bedding for Teenage Fashionistas

    Sleek and modern designs are a fitting choice for teens who follow the latest fashion trends. Help them embrace their passions with contemporary teen bedding. Pair your teen bedroom set with blankets featuring in-style colors and patterns that always look chic. Try a tufted aqua comforter with an abstract print or mix bold motifs and vibrant hues to bring color and dimension to the room.

    Traditional Bedspreads for Easy-Going Teens

    Simplicity and comfort are the trademarks of traditional teen bedding. As such, it’s an excellent choice for creating a classic and modest vibe for your youngster’s room. Cover your teen’s bed with a classic twin, full or queen-size duvet in a solid navy or red shade or a soft paisley print. For the full effect, drape a woven coverlet across the foot of the bed to add an extra layer of coziness.

    Rustic-Style Bed Linens for Nature Lovers

    For those who enjoy hiking and camping, rustic teen bedding sets bring the beauty of nature indoors. Sturdy dark wood beds and hand-stitched quilts with woodland themes and floral prints evoke the essence of the outdoors. Layered blankets in shades of beige, green and brown work well for this theme, along with duvets featuring richly hued plaid or check patterns.

    Sporty and Preppy Bed Sets for High Schoolers

    Clean-cut and fashionable, preppy bedding blends solid tones with neat, uniform prints and bold borders. Chevron, houndstooth, plaid and stripe patterns are popular choices for teens who love this style. Select sports-themed bedspreads for your high school athletes or make a statement with personalized monogrammed pillowcases.

    Bohemian Bedding for Artsy Teens

    The vibrant hues, intricate prints and fun textures of boho teen bedding are a fitting choice for free-spirited youths. Achieve this look by layering fringe throw blankets on top of a yellow, purple or jewel-toned queen comforter. Top the blankets with blue, green or beige accent pillows featuring mandala and tie-dye patterns. Finish off the look by placing a textured woven pouf at the foot of the bed.

    Eclectic Bedspreads for Quirky Teenagers

    This versatile style includes funky teenage bedding for creative types who love using bold hues to express themselves. A mix-and-match eclectic design is colorful and a little chaotic but still has a polished look. Choose a fiery orange or refreshing turquoise bed set with a chic patchwork pattern. Use the same colors in the surrounding accent pillows, wall art and other decor for a cohesive look.

    Build-Your-Own Teen Bedding Set

    Though a stylish teen comforter set is a quick way to revamp your kid’s bedroom, some may choose their bedspread and accent pillows piece-by-piece to create their own cool or cute teen bedding look. Selecting individual bed linens gives you and your teen the freedom to design a unique personal aesthetic for their bedroom.

    A basic full-size bedding set for a teen usually includes a standard comforter, pillowcases, shams and sheets with a singular color, pattern or theme. Some larger queen comforter sets have additional pieces such as quilts, bed skirts, duvets and small accent pillows. Decide which items you want for your bedspread, then mix and match motifs and colors to create a one-of-a-kind display.

    Best Fabrics for Teen Bedding

    While color and style are crucial factors in choosing teenage bedding sets, it’s also important to select the right material for your child’s bed linens and sheets. The fabric should keep your teen cool yet cozy to ensure they get consistent restful sleep. Consider some of the following fabrics when shopping for your teen’s next comforter set.

    • Cotton: High thread count cotton bedding is a common pick for teen duvet covers and comforters. The fabric is lightweight and breathable to keep sleepers cool on hot summer evenings. Cotton bedspreads are also budget-friendly, low maintenance and machine washable, making them a popular choice for many parents.
    • Linen: Similar to cotton, linen bedding is durable, breathable and easy to care for. The moisture-wicking material transfers sweat to the outer surface of the sheets to regulate body temperature. Linen is also hypoallergenic and gets softer and stronger with use, so it’s a great long-term option for growing teens.
    • Microfiber: Made of finely woven polyester, microfiber sheets and fleece or flannel blankets provide an extra touch of softness for a restful night’s sleep. The airtight weaving holds body heat to keep cold sleepers toasty warm. Microfiber is also a stain-resistant fabric which makes it a good fit for teen bedding.
    • Silk and Satin: Silk and satin are a luxurious choice for teen bedsheets and pillowcases. These delicate natural textiles make a soft and smooth surface for deep sleep.
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