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    Featuring high-quality materials and innovative sleep technology, Bedgear mattresses offer the latest in relaxing comfort and sumptuous style. Performance fabrics and cutting-edge construction help these mattresses suit a wide range of sleep styles and body types. Modular designs and additional safety features can also ensure that you enjoy deep and restful sleep night after night.

    Customizable Comfort

    Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, a Bedgear mattress can give you the cozy night's sleep you desire. A model with a double-sided design lets you choose between a plush surface you can sink into and a firmer side that offers additional support. Other Bedgear mattresses have a responsive interchangeable innerspring system that adjusts to suit your unique needs.

    Improved Airflow

    Along with providing a comfy blend of softness and support, a Bedgear mattress can help you stay cool as you sleep. Ventilated side panels circulate air through the mattress to regulate body heat and keep you comfortable. Meanwhile, cooling sheets helps to prevent hot sleepers from waking up sweaty.

    Kid-Friendly Attachments

    Bedgear mattresses and pillows can also be a perfect option for your growing children. Innovative edge bumper inserts can prevent your toddler from rolling out of bed during the night, while breathable protective layers help keep your youngster's bed cool and dry. When your little one gets bigger, remove the bumpers for a smooth transition to your small child's first big kid bed.

    Another unique, kid-friendly feature of a Bedgear mattress is the practical zip-off top. This plush, machine washable topper protects the water-resistant barrier that keeps the mattress core clean and dry. If your little one spills their sippy cup or has an accident during the night, you can unzip the topper and run it through the washing machine before reattaching it.

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