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    FAQ : Stearns & Foster

    Will a Stearns & Foster mattress fit the bed and frame I currently own?

    Stearns & Foster mattresses are designed to be accommodated by U.S. standard beds and frames. If you’re uncertain whether a mattress will fit your furniture, it’s recommended that you reference the dimensions specific to the product you are considering.

    Are Stearns & Foster mattresses good for hot sleepers?

    Yes. Every Stearns & Foster mattress is crafted with materials designed to maintain an optimum temperature for deeper sleep. They use a combination of AirVent System technology, which utilizes ventilated coils to prevent overheating, and Tencel™, a moisture-wicking material that is sourced sustainably.

    Do Stearns & Foster mattresses need to be rotated?

    Yes, it is recommended you rotate Stearns & Foster mattresses recurrently.

    Where are Stearns & Foster mattresses built?

    Every Stearns & Foster mattress is created in the United States at facilities throughout the country.

    What is a mattress foundation?

    • Stearns & Foster foundations resemble a standard box spring but provide a sturdier base for your mattress instead of the typical “give” of a box spring.
    • For customized comfort, adjustable bases provide just-right positioning perfect for watching TV or reading in bed.

    Why do I need a mattress foundation?

    Mattress foundations aid in the support of the mattress and prevent it from warping or sagging. To ensure total warranty protection for your Stearns & Foster mattress, a completely flat surface with enough center support is required.

    What are Stearns & Foster flat foundations made of?

    Mattresses from Stearns & Foster use flat foundations crafted from high-grade wood, with a high-gauge steel wire support structure.

    How do I clean my Stearns & Foster mattress?

    In order to protect your Stearns & Foster mattress and keep it looking newer for longer, a mattress pad is recommended. Vacuuming is the only recommended cleaning method. For stains, lightly apply mild soap and water.

    Some of the models in the collection of Stearns and Foster mattresses incorporate a variety of materials to offer good, supportive sleeping surfaces in comfort levels like firm, plush/soft, and pillowtop. The tenured company intersperses latex, wool, and memory foam materials with individually wrapped titanium alloy bedspring coils.

    Stearns and Foster mattress models often combine elements of cashmere, horsehair, and silk, as well. Styles regularly available include comfort levels from luxury plush/soft to luxury firm, with popular models for sale like the Cassatt, Lux Hybrid, Estate, Studio, the Firm and Plush Hurston mattresses, Rockwell and Lux Estate Hybrid Pollock mattress. Elaborate embroidery generally adorns the sleeping surfaces of Stearns and Foster mattresses. Buy a mattress alone, or browse sets for sale paired with foundation options.

    At Rooms To Go, customers may select mattress only sizes:

    Stearns & Foster mattresses may feature white and brown colorations and options with pillowtops. Most models range between 13 and 14 inches high, so it's easy to find the best Stearns and Foster mattress for you.

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