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    Purchasing a boxed mattress makes life just a little bit easier. A mattress in a box comes to your door in a tidy package, so you avoid the stress and strain of wrestling a mattress through narrow doorways or pulling it upstairs. The box is easy to carry up a staircase or down a hallway, making it a breeze to get your mattress to its new bedroom destination.

    Once you're ready to set up your bed, you can open up the vacuum-compressed mattress and lay it out on your platform frame or foundation. These innovative mattresses need several hours to off-gas and regain their full depth, but your cozy no-fuss mattress will be ready for a good night's slumber in no time.

    Standard Mattress in a Box Sizes

    When you're ready to update the kids' bedrooms, a twin or twin XL mattress in a box is ideal. Slim yet wide enough for growing youngsters, these mattresses are perfect for standard beds and bunk or loft frames alike. For tweens and teens, consider a full mattress to provide them with restful, restorative sleep through high school and beyond.

    If you're outfitting a guest room or a master bedroom, consider a queen or king to complete your bed. While a queen provides ample room for couples, you can share a king with both a partner and pets. For the ultimate luxury experience, opt for a California king that lets you sprawl out and take full advantage of additional legroom.

    Mattress Design & Comfort

    There are various designs to consider when searching for a new mattress. A memory foam mattress in a box offers body-contouring comfort and features like heat-regulating gel and moisture-wicking materials. For those who prefer a more traditional bed, innerspring and hybrid boxed mattresses blend innovative design with internal coils for additional support.

    When it comes to your personal sleep style, you'll discover that a mattress in a box offers the same comfort levels as a standard mattress. Stomach and side sleepers can sink deep into plush and ultra-plush models, while firm boxed mattresses are widely available for those seeking relief from joint or back pain.

    Popular Mattress in a Box Brands at Rooms To Go

    Shop our collection for boxed mattresses from trusted retailers like Beds to Go, Casper, Nectar and Purple. These top brands offer boxed mattresses with the latest technology for healthy, comfortable sleep. Whether you're searching for a firm surface with cooling gel or a plush mattress with pressure relief support, you'll find the right mattress in a box at the right price in our selection.

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